10 Best Cat Shampoos for Fleas Your Cat Will Thank You For

best cat shampoo for fleas
Cats need their owners’ attention, and one of the things they need is regular baths! As much as this topic can bring either tears of joy for the owner or tears of sadness for the cats, it is pretty much a necessity.

Let’s face it, more often than not cats are terrified of any contact of their body with water. They are also rather good when it comes down to their personal hygiene, but this only comes so far.

For life in a home environment, however, cats need to be as clean as possible as it is a proven fact that it benefits everyone – cats, other pets and people in close vicinity.

One of the most common issues that cats encounter, due to them being furry animals, is a flea infestation!

Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo with Precor our top pick when it comes to best cat shampoos with fleas. It is highly praised by both pet owners and professionals!

In the following article, we will inform you about all the necessary precautions, some common flea shampoo types as well as their best uses in different situations. We will also compare a liquid versus dry cat flea shampoo and furthermore give you an explanation on how to properly bathe a cat.

Finally, we will inform you about how we gathered our data and what some of the key points we focused on in the following article were.
Aside from a regular cat shampoo used during baths, you should also properly groom your cats and inspect them while doing that – paws, hair, jaw, claws, etc.

These are all needed in order to manage a cat’s health as a responsible owner. The best cat flea shampoos are going to be a major asset in your battle against cats’ parasites and illnesses.

In a hurry? Here is our top pick:

Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo

Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo with Precor

One of the best flea-busting shampoos you’ll ever find. It kills fleas on the spot and keeps flea eggs from hatching for up to a month. It cleans and keeps your cat’s coat soft and shiny at the same time as it is fighting against fleas.


  • Kills eggs, larvae and adult fleas
  • Effects last for 28 days
  • Anti-dandruff and it leaves the coat soft and shiny

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Quick summary

Adams Plus Flea & Tick ShampooAdams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo with Precor
  • Kills eggs, larvae and adult fleas
  • Effects last for 28 days
  • Anti-dandruff and it leaves the coat soft and shiny
Wondercide Natural Flea & Tick ShampooWondercide Natural Flea & Tick Shampoo Bar
  • Natural
  • Kills and repels fleas
  • Reduces dryness and dandruff
Vet's Best Flea & Tick Waterless Bath for CatsVet’s Best Flea & Tick Waterless Bath for Cats
  • Plant-based formula
  • No water required
  • Kills fleas and ticks at all life stages
Paws & Pals Flea and Tick ShampooPaws & Pals Flea and Tick Shampoo
  • Natural ingredients
  • Long-lasting smell
  • Soap-free formula
Lambert Kay Fresh 'n Clean Flea and Tick Small Pet Conditioning ShampooLambert Kay Fresh ‘n Clean Flea and Tick Small Pet Conditioning Shampoo
  • Gentle for regular use
  • Long-lasting pleasant scent
  • Kills fleas with natural pyrethrins
RX4 Dog Cat Shampoo ConditionerRX4 Dog Cat Shampoo Conditioner
  • Organic, natural formula
  • Relief for itching and other skin problems
  • Leaves the coat soft and shiny
Filthy Friends Pet ShampooFilthy Friends Pet Shampoo
  • Easy to use pump
  • Organic and natural
  • Kills fleas and removes dirt and dander
Fifi & Fido Natural Pet ShampooFifi & Fido Natural Pet Shampoo
  • Soap-free, ideal for regular use
  • Natural
  • Kills fleas
Zodiac Flea and Tick ShampooZodiac Flea and Tick Shampoo
  • Deals with lice, fleas and ticks
  • Can be used regularly
  • Alcohol-free and pH balanced
Wahl DogPuppy ShampooWahl Pet Shampoo
  • Natural
  • Pleasant smell
  • Repels Fleas and Ticks

Before you buy: 5 things to consider before buying cat shampoos for fleas

1. Why do you need a cat flea shampoo?

cat bathing2

Aside from the fact that animals are susceptible to nature and environmental hazards, the necessity for a proper bath follows naturally. Regardless of how clean the cats tend to be, they still need a helping hand when it comes down to parasitic infestations such as fleas.

Among the best ways to remove fleas is to actually bathe a cat with flea-removal products such as shampoos. As such, not only are you going to be cleaning your cat from various other environmental hazards, but you will also help her to get rid of parasitic infestations!

  • Cats seek tall grass

As most feline species, cats are nocturnal animals. These are carnivorous animals and they prefer meat over everything else. Although cats can still get nourishment from various food sources, these are not as beneficial as a meat-based diet.

This is why their instincts tell them to hunt, and their organism is suited for running, jumping and attacking with sharp claws. But, to become great hunters, they need to hide, especially in tall grass that covers their bodies.

This is when flea infestation, among other parasitic infestations, can occur! And sooner than you might think, your cat will become completely covered in fleas!

  • Fleas are dangerous

You might be wondering what kind of damage a little flea can make with its bite. You’d think that it just creates a bit of uncomfortable skin irritation, right? Unsurprisingly, that’s not why fleas are dangerous at all.

In fact, as they seek to bite any host, cats, humans, dogs, or other mammals, they might infect the host with an egg of a parasite that lingers inside them. These are usually worms and other types of parasites that might infect the gastrointestinal tract of your cat!

As such, seeking only the best cat flea shampoos should be mandatory for your cat’s overall health.

  • Summertime is flea time

Although not all fleas do it, most of their species are known to prefer very warm places with excess humidity. This benefits a flea’s life cycle, which is basically eating and reproducing.

Fleas are known to be able to reproduce very rapidly and even having three female fleas could leave your home with over thousands of fleas in a manner of months!

This can become so problematic down the line that you might even need a special extermination job done since fleas are going to be jumping on your pets and family alike. Although they do prefer animals, they are also fond of human blood, too!

By protecting your cat, you are also protecting yourself, your family, and your friends!

2. Health risks due to flea infestation

cat scratches ears

It is understandable that fleas are among the most common of parasites that can infest your cat or home environment. As such, a proper bath or the use of dry shampoo options should be your primary concern.

Most of these products are made to help cat’s health in different ways, ranging from vitamin dosages through the skin up to the protection long after the bathing occurred.

Always seek your veterinarian’s advice on how to proceed with a specific cat issue or a problem, as some cats can be a bit more sensitive than the others.

  • Flea infestation is a health hazard

In the case of a flea infestation, and especially if your cat is an indoor cat that occasionally ventures outside, you might end up with your carpets and furniture infested with fleas!

These small blood-sucking creatures will surely transfer some of their own fluids whenever they bite, thus leading to problems.

Aside from the fact that their females can produce hundreds of eggs in mere months is alerting enough for you to take all precautions and methods of flea removal at your disposal.

Most parasites that fleas can transfer are usually not dangerous to humans, although there are cases of severe reactions. However, it can be a real problem for your cat since fleas can transfer up to three different worm larvae and eggs into their stomachs!

This is why taking necessary precautions should be your top priority at all times.

  • The types of worms that fleas transfer to cats

Among the most common of transfers is the so-called dipylidium tapeworm. This is a parasite that attaches itself to your cat’s organism and can grow exponentially in size.

This transfer can occur whenever your cat eats a flea, whilst grooming herself after scratching. One flea is enough for infection!

Aside from eating a flea, a cat can also stumble upon a flea’s feces or blood on the irritated wounds. In any case scenario, the risk of infecting with worms is enormous and this is especially a huge concern if your cat is still a kitten.

A kitten’s organism is not well suited to fight against such parasites and it can be a difficult problem to solve since some of the deworming products can be too strong for a young cat’s stomach.

That’s yet another reason for you to consider a cat flea shampoo as a necessity regardless of whether your cat is living indoors or outdoors.

3. What are the flea infestation symptoms?

cat scratchin ears2

The most common symptoms of a flea infestation are easily spotted while inspecting a cat during the grooming time. This is why we urge you to make a disciplined grooming schedule that your cat will have no issues with, as it also benefits a cat’s health greatly!

Aside from actually seeing one as you are grooming your cat, here are some of the symptoms that should leave you concerned for your cat’s health.

  • Scratching

Your cat will be scratching herself more than usual, which is one of the symptoms that tells you that there might be a flea problem. You will notice that the scratching is not a common one and that the cat will be visibly irritated.

The scratching will be fast and hard, sometimes happening during other activities that usually keep a cat’s attention!

  • Flea bite marks

These bite marks are usually small red dots in irregular patterns, spread out throughout the body. These will be inflamed after a while, leaving a very crimson splatter on the surface.

It usually itches, but can also be potentially painful to the touch. They have different stages, too. These bite marks start small but gradually disperse into very visible red marks as they spread through the nearby blood vessels of a cat’s skin.

  • Flea dirt

This isn’t necessarily dirt, but actually flea feces. As they feed on the blood of their host, they will usually leave black to red feces around. They are mostly composed of blood and serve as a food source for younger fleas that are in the larvae stage of development.

If you are unsure whether it is just dirt or flea dirt, be sure to wipe it off with a wet towel or paper. It will usually turn red, which is a sure way to tell that a cat is infected with fleas!

  • Use white socks on top of a carpet

If you think that you might have a carpet filled with fleas, you can always try walking on it while wearing white socks. Fleas, as many other insects, are highly attracted to white surfaces and cloth, which can be a sure sign that your home is infested!

Fleas adore to hang out in thread-rich carpets. Unfortunately, a simple cleaning won’t do much good here and other precautions are necessary at this point.

Some of these refer to the invitation of special cleaning exterminators who deal with bugs and insects on a daily basis.

  • A chance of infection

If you have one pet that’s infected by fleas, chances are that your other pet is infected, too! Fleas are known to have a great sense of direction and can jump very high. Among the different worm infections that fleas are prone to infect your cat with, there are also other dangers.

Such dangers manifest through bacteriological means, meaning that the bitten area can get severely infected. This is especially the case if you notice a small pale-yellow circle around the bite mark.

The key point is not to touch this area with bare hands as it may lead to your cat being infected through the bacteria that humans usually carry around. These bacteria might not be as dangerous to humans as much as they are to cats.

4. What are some common types of cat flea shampoos?

There are always different options to choose from. Most shampoos come in the liquid variant. There is also a dry variant on the market, for when you are on the road.

Among others, there are always specific types that directly attack either a flea or the fleas’ eggs.

Other common types are defined by both the flea and tick removal process. All of these are divided into two groups, one is all-natural, whilst the other is made chemically with synthetic compounds. Both are effective, however, at removing flea and tick problems.

Furthermore, these are divided by unscented and scented variants, as some cats could be sensitive to the smell.

  • The Liquid cat flea shampoo

This is the most common type of cat flea shampoo, and it is used globally for all cat pets.

Depending upon the product you may end up choosing between a shampoo enriched by synthetic compounds that attack parasites directly, or the all-natural variant that also serves as a repellant.

These are used with mildly hot water and depending upon their recipe used either directly on top of a cat’s skin or diluted with water in a tub.

  • Dry cat flea shampoo

This shampoo comes in the form of a spray in a can for the most part, and it can also come in different aromas pleasant for the human’s sense of smell. These are best used if your cat is having severe issues with water or if you are traveling with your cat.

These are quick to use and are usually used as a temporary solution since cats do need to bathe eventually for the sake of their health.

Furthermore, the overuse of these products could make a cat’s fur somewhat sticky, so if your cat has long hair, this might not be the best-case scenario!

They are often marketed as waterless shampoos, which means they are anti-traumatic for the cat!

  • All-Natural cat flea shampoo

This is the type of shampoo that uses only natural materials that do not harm your cat in any imaginable way. These are safe to use both for washing around the cat’s ears, eyes and genitalia with ease.

They are also used as repellants since their constant use diminishes the flea and tick encounters greatly. Furthermore, the scents these contain are either made of floral or fruit-like compounds. These are usually best if you have an indoor cat.

These are also safe for your cat to groom and lick afterwards since they do not have any potentially harmful substances.

  • Synthetic compound cat flea shampoo

These shampoos, despite their definition, are completely safe to use with most cats. They are used only when a specific problem already occurs and they come equipped with different anti-parasitic formulae that directly attacks a flea’s nervous system or other vital organs.

In some very rare cases, these can be harmful to a cat over prolonged use, so you should always consult with a veterinarian before using any of these stronger variants of the best cat flea shampoos.

The cat might want to groom herself after a bath, so these could be potentially harmful if not washed down completely. As usual with cats, bathing their head with these stronger variants should be met with extreme care.

5. Consider your cat’s fur coat type

cats resting

If your cat is an indoor pet, an important part of being a responsible owner is taking care of your cat’s fur coat. Different cat breeds will have longer or shorter hair.

Depending on the type of hair your cat has, you should also take into consideration that some types of cat flea shampoos will be more suitable than others. As such, if your cat has longer hair, dry shampoos may not be the best option.

However, you can still try using them if your cat is extremely afraid of baths. We still recommend seeking a veterinarian’s advice on how to keep a cat’s fur coat healthy and shiny.

  • Short-haired cats

These cats are usually very sensitive to temperature changes. They have shorter hair, which is more suitable for summertime. Whenever you are grooming a cat, it will be easier to spot a flea’s dirt or bloody crusts left from a flea’s bite mark or cat’s scratching.

Using dry shampoos or all-natural solutions should prove to be highly beneficial for your cat’s overall health. It will be easier to apply a dry shampoo on a short-haired cat and they won’t feel threatened by a sudden temperature change that happens during a bath.

  • Long-haired cats

These cats often require a lot of extra care from their owners. Aside from constant grooming and taking care of their natural strong hair, they’re also more susceptible to serious parasitic infestations.

Ticks and fleas are known to prefer long hair as well as long threads in carpets and furniture since it gives them a sense of protection and warmth.

Just one flea can multiply into thousands of other fleas. Fleas can also live seventy to a hundred days without a host or a food source.

Finding a flea should always be a problem if you’re an owner of a long-haired cat. This is why baths and frequent visits to a veterinarian during the summertime should be mandatory.

We strongly suggest using only the best cat flea shampoos as these are proven to help with the removal of nasty parasites that can trouble your pet cat.

  • Hairless cat types

It is a common misconception that your hairless cat can’t get attacked by fleas. Most crossbred cats that are hairless can also get fleas that don’t necessarily stay on a cat but instead live on furniture, carpets, pillows, etc.

The only way to recognize the symptoms is either to locate a flea, notice a constant scratching or find red, sore bite marks on a cat’s body. Any type of a cat flea shampoo should be minimally used in such scenarios.

Instead, seeking a product that’s acting as a repellant against parasites should be the way to go about this problem.

The 10 best cat flea shampoos

1. Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo with Precor

Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo

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When it comes to eliminating these pesky little parasites, Adams Plus shampoo is the right choice in every case! It kills ticks and fleas, in all life stages, from eggs to adults and it reduces the risk of re-infestation.

This shampoo, apart from its flea-destroying abilities, contains soothing aloe, lanolin, coconut extract, and oatmeal.

Adams Plus is also great for dandruff, dirt, and scales and it leaves your cats fur shiny and soft. The natural extracts in this shampoo soothe your cats’ itchy skin which fleas cause.

The effects of the shampoo last for 28 days, so it can be easily incorporated into a monthly bathing routine.


  • Kills eggs, larvae and adult fleas
  • Effects last for 28 days
  • Anti-dandruff and it leaves the coat soft and shiny


  • Has a weird smell to it

Bottom Line

One of the best flea-busting shampoos you’ll ever find. It kills fleas on the spot and keeps flea eggs from hatching for up to a month. It cleans and keeps your cat’s coat soft and shiny at the same time as it is fighting against fleas.

2. Wondercide Natural Flea & Tick Shampoo Bar

Wondercide Natural Flea & Tick Shampoo

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Wondercircle Natural Flea and Tick Shampoo Bar naturally kills and repels fleas.

Since this is a bar shampoo, it affords a richer lather than other shampoos which not only kills the fleas but helps soothe the itching and scratching associated with flea bites.

Wondercide is made with Neem Oil, an extract known for its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. This bar offers no plastic waste and is made of organic citronella and geranium, two natural flea repellants.

Its active ingredients include Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Neem Oil, Citronella Oil, Geranium Oil, Neem Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Honey. This bar soap also reduces dryness and dandruff.

It is completely safe for humans to bath with too.


  • Natural
  • Kills and repels fleas
  • Reduces dryness and dandruff


  • Price

Bottom Line

If you didn’t know, soap bars can also kill and repel fleas. If you prefer natural-based ingredients to commercial shampoos then this Wonercide bar soap is a great way to not only get rid of fleas but also reduce the dryness and dandruff on your cats’ coat!

3. Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Waterless Bath for Cats

Vet's Best Flea & Tick Waterless Bath for Cats

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Some just don’t mind water, and most hate it. If your cat hates water then how will you use any of these products? Fear not – there is a way to use a flea shampoo without having to put your cat in a bath.

Vet’s Best offers you a chance to treat your cat with dry shampoo! Isn’t that great?! This product is a foam, which is applied to your cat coat and then it’s combed through. The plus is that it doesn’t need to be rinsed out since it dries quickly.

This dry shampoo kills eggs, larvae and adult fleas and ticks on contact. If your cat has sensitive skin,

Vet’s Best is once again, a great choice. It’s made with natural essential oils and plant-based ingredients, such as peppermint oil and eugenol (from clove plants) – so if you want to avoid harsh formulas, you can use this shampoo without worrying.

This dry shampoo deals with fleas and ticks and it leaves a pleasant scent in your cats’ coat.


  • Plant-based formula
  • No water required
  • Kills fleas and ticks at all life stages


  • Doesn’t prevent fleas from coming back

Bottom Line

Cats who dislike water no longer have to suffer because now there is a remedy for their case too. Dry shampoos are ideal for cats who wouldn’t for the life of them get in the bath.

Vet’s Best gets rid of fleas and ticks at all stages of the lifecycle and it is completely plant-based for your sensitive-skinned cats!

4. Paws & Pals Flea and Tick Shampoo

Paws & Pals Flea and Tick Shampoo

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This shampoo contains a formula that uses natural ingredients to soothe your cat’s skin and to kill any fleas and ticks she might have. Since Paws & Pals shampoo is soap-free, it can be used on a regular basis without drying your cat’s skin.

In addition, it has a long-lasting scent, which will keep your cat smelling great until her next bath! The shampoo utilizes a variety of essential oils including rosemary, cedarwood, and clove to repel and combat fleas. Plus, it’s easy to apply and use!

This shampoo will deal with fleas and ticks living in your cat’s fur, but it won’t kill their eggs.

This means that a shampoo like this should be used together with an additional flea and tick treatments. This particular product is used to provide immediate relief and stop them from scratching.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Long-lasting smell
  • Soap-free formula


  • Doesn’t kill fleas and ticks

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for something that will give your cat an immediate relief, then look no further.

Paws & Pals shampoo is soap-free which means that you’ll be able to use it regularly without worrying about your cat’s skin. Plus, your cat will smell great until her next bathing!

5. Lambert Kay Fresh ‘n Clean Flea and Tick Small Pet Conditioning Shampoo

Lambert Kay Fresh 'n Clean Flea and Tick Small Pet Conditioning Shampoo

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Lambert’s Kay Fresh ‘n Clean formula combines flea-killing properties together with a long-lasting fresh scent that lasts for around two weeks.

The shampoo is made with natural pyrethrins to quickly kill fleas and ticks without the harsh chemicals. And although it doesn’t kill flea eggs, since the formula stays on the skin for quite some time, it weakens the eggs when they try to hatch.

The formula is gentle and because of that, it can be used as a regular cat shampoo. This shampoo is also great as a preventative measure for ticks and fleas.


  • Gentle for regular use
  • Long-lasting pleasant scent
  • Kills fleas with natural pyrethrins


  • None really

Bottom Line

Another great product for getting rid of fleas. The shampoos gentle formula is great for regular use and for prevention of fleas. It has a long-lasting scent, which will give your cat a great smell and protection from fleas and ticks.

6. RX4 Dog Cat Shampoo Conditioner

RX4 Dog Cat Shampoo Conditioner

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Organic shampoos are a great way to deal with fleas. RX4 Pet formula contains organic natural ingredients, which are made to help your cat overcome different skin problems, including tick and flea caused itching.

This shampoo can treat irritated skin, hair loss, allergies and it can additionally, leave your cat’s skin soft and shiny. It can help with discomfort caused by fleas. However, it is not meant to kill the pests, but merely to relieve your cat’s irritated skin.


  • Organic, natural formula
  • Relief for itching and other skin problems
  • Leaves the coat soft and shiny


  • Doesn’t kill fleas

Bottom Line

This an overall great product that provides a considerable relief that should be used together with other flea treatments, such as oral tablets.

7. Filthy Friends Pet Shampoo

Filthy Friends Pet Shampoo

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Filthy Friends Organic Pet Shampoo both organic and safe for your cat. Not only does it kill fleas naturally, but the properties of this shampoo also help remove dirt and dander while slowing the shedding process.

This could be an effective choice if your household has multiple pets and you do not want it to look or smell like a house with multiple pets.

The bottle offers a pump that can be useful while trying to bathe an animal that is difficult to control. Organic flea sprays are also an option if you want to treat your cat’s flea infestation naturally.

The formula is made with a blend of organic oils, plant extracts, and essential oils such as coconut, olive, jojoba organic oils, Aloe Vera, lemongrass, and rosemary essential oils, Calendula and natural rosemary extracts.

Filthy Friends are recommended by veterinarians as a healthy and organic choice. They also offer money back if you’re not completely satisfied.


  • Easy to use pump
  • Organic and natural
  • Kills fleas and removes dirt and dander


  • Smell

Bottom Line

Filthy Friends is made for even the most sensitive skin and it rinses out completely and fast. It gets rid of dirt and grime, and additionally, it chases away unwanted critters and helps rehydrate he coat and skin making your furry friend fresh, clean and happy.

8. Fifi & Fido Natural Pet Shampoo

Fifi & Fido Natural Pet Shampoo

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Fifi and Fido Natural Pet Shampoo is one hundred percent natural – it contains oatmeal and aloe vera which help soothe your cat’s damaged skin as kill fleas.

It is completely soap-free and contains no preservatives. It moisturizes your furry friend’s skin while also giving her a clean coat and fresh scent. Fifi and Fido Pet Shampoo restores your cat’s natural oils to help combat the irritation that naturally occurs with flea bites.

Fifi and Fido’s products have been FDA and EPA approved. They offer complete customer satisfaction and if you are not happy with their product, you can return it and get your money back.


  • Soap-free, ideal for regular use
  • Natural
  • Kills fleas


  • Expensive compared to similar products

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for the next regular shampoo for your cat which also kills fleas, then this product is ideal for you.

It doesn’t contain any preservatives nor alcohol, which makes it great for regular use, plus it restores your cat’s natural oils which help her combat irritation which occurs with flea bites.

9. Zodiac Flea and Tick Shampoo

Zodiac Flea and Tick Shampoo

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Zodiac Flea and Tick shampoo is made to eliminate lice, as well as fleas and ticks.

The formula consists of pyrethrins together with coconut conditioners which keeps your cat’s skin healthy and her hair shiny and soft. This shampoo is alcohol-free and pH balanced – this shampoo won’t irritate your cat’s skin which is great since her skin is already tender from all these flea bites.

And although the scent of this shampoo isn’t great, it’s efficient and gentle which makes it great for our list!


  • Deals with lice, fleas and ticks
  • Can be used regularly
  • Alcohol-free and pH balanced


  • Smell is not the greatest

Bottom Line

If you can sacrifice the smell for the effectivity and gentleness of this shampoo, then this shampoo is the right one for you!

10. Wahl Pet Shampoo

Wahl DogPuppy Shampoo

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If you are looking for a non-toxic, all-natural solution to fleas and ticks, Wahl Flea and Tick Shampoo is the way to go.

This shampoo naturally repels these biting insects by using plant-derived ingredients it is also alcohol-free and it’s also pH balanced, which makes it great for regular use.

It is extremely safe for both you and your cat since it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals.

It comes with great rosemary and mint smell. The long-lasting smell stays with your cat long after its bath, which is sure to make you happy as a cat owner. It also cleans thoroughly and leaves your cat with a much softer, manageable coat.


  • Natural
  • Pleasant smell
  • Repels Fleas and Ticks


  • No contact killing

Bottom Line

Another product that can be used regularly, but that doesn’t actually kill fleas and ticks. If you want to use this shampoo, make sure to use it in conjunction with some other flea and tick treatment.

Wahl pet shampoo offers a great smell that can last until the next bath, It’s also, safe for both you and your cat since it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

How to properly give a bath to your cat

Prepare the tools in advance

If you are going to bathe a cat, having everything prepared in advance will be very helpful. You will need a bigger bowl or a tub, a gentle towel, a dryer with minimal airflow, and a cat shampoo.

The water must not be too hot or too cold

Finding the right balance between these two can be easy if you know what you’re doing. You can sprinkle some water on your lower forearm to see if the temperature is ideal or not. You are looking for warm, but not hot.

Get your cat used to baths from a younger age

It helps a great deal if your cat is already used to baths since its younger age. Although most breeds naturally dislike water, you can still train them to enjoy it over time.

Use protective gloves against cat scratching

Although cats won’t really attack you if they love you, they are still prone to reflex jumping and trying to wiggle out of the bath time. Your hand needs protection in such a scenario.

Learn everything about the product you will be using

Read the instructions carefully, twice! Do not use the shampoo for anything except what it intended for. There are different types and not all are to be used in equal amounts of time.

Do not plunge a cat’s head in the water

You have to protect a cat’s head at all costs since the water can enter their ears, mouth or damage their eyesight even if the product you will be using is safe. Furthermore, this stops a cat from having serious reflex reactions.

Start with the cat’s lower body

As you hold your cat below the front legs, gently place her lower body and tail in the water.

With your other hand, take a bit of water and simulate petting a cat. You will, actually, be taking some water and letting it flow down the cat’s body gently. This also helps for a cat to get used to the temperature without any sudden changes or splashes.

Try to completely soak them up to their neck

Once you are sure that the cat is completely at ease with water, trying to put their entire body in up to the neck area should be the way to go. Some products for flea removal require this process as it removes flea dirt or dead fleas directly in the water.

Cover the cat with a towel after the bath

As soon as the water gets cold or if the bathing process is done, cover your cat with a towel. A cat’s natural behavior will immediately make her want to get away and find a place to lick off all the extra water. You should use the towel until the cat’s fur is damp, but not wet.

Gently dry out the cat’s fur

If you want to use a dryer fan, you should know that cats tend to get extremely scared of loud noises. However, you can always try to use a minimal airflow dryer and cover the cat’s head as you dry out the body without too much heat.

Keep the dryer out of the cat’s reach, too!

Use other repellants and products after the bath

All repellant products should be used after you are sure that the cat’s completely dry and clean. Be sure that the cat is also well-fed in order not to have her grooming herself after the product’s been applied.

Consider alternatives

If your cat is, reasonably, too afraid of water and bathing, considering the dry shampoo options should be your next best bet. These are applied pretty much like foam or spray on your cat, and they provide protection and removal of parasites such as fleas or ticks.

As was the case previously, do not spray onto a cat’s head since it is a very sensitive area.

Liquid vs. Dry Cat Flea Shampoos

It should be noted that cats are genetically afraid of water. This is simply a fact that spans over millennia of feline evolution progress.

Cats have been developing in arid and desert-like environments, and as such their bodies are suited for nocturnal hunting when temperatures are lower and animals tend to sleep.

Due to these reasons, cats don’t really like to take baths and the domestication of cats is still an ongoing process.

This is why there are options such as liquid cat flea shampoos, which are the most common types, as well as the dry cat flea shampoos which serve as the perfect alternative. We will compare both so that you can decide which one is more suitable for your cat.

Liquid cat flea shampoos

These types of shampoos are most commonly used worldwide. They come in all-natural or chemically enriched solutions with pesticides that serve as efficient removal options.

All liquid type cat flea shampoos require giving the cat a bath, although some of the stronger types should be completely avoided for kittens due to their sensitive organisms.

If you are an owner of a long-haired cat, the liquid cat flea shampoo should be your best choice since other types might not be enough to keep your cat’s fur healthy and shiny on top of removing the parasitic infestations such as ticks or fleas.


  • Comes in all-natural and pesticide-imbued solutions
  • Amazing for both short-haired and long-haired cats
  • A huge variety of products to choose from


  • Requires an actual bath that most cats dislike heavily

Dry cat flea shampoos

Similarly to how the human hair product industry is becoming more advanced, so are the cat’s products getting the necessary attention. Pet owners around the world can rejoice, as the dry cat shampoo will surely save the cats from the traumatic experience of bathing.

Of course, dry cat shampoos can’t really match the performance of their liquid counterparts, however, they are a great solution for traveling or using on a short-haired cat.

All you have to do is spray them on your cat and it will keep her coat clean. These are great for when you do not have a lot of time to prepare for a bath, too, and just need to quickly clean your cat just a bit during the mid-week routine.


  • Doesn’t need water that cats are afraid of
  • Ergonomic and great for travel
  • Fast and secure to use


  • Can’t really substitute a real bath for long-haired cats

How we chose these products

Among the primary concerns, we had for the cat’s health is obviously whether or not the products were safe to use.

As the market is oversaturated with various cat flea shampoo products, we’ve felt that it was our duty to inform you of only the best cat flea shampoos out there!

For this, we’ve collected data from various experts as well as users who have already used these products. Our sources were all medically researched and approved by various cat experts and industry leaders.

Our goal was to inform you of all the necessary precautions and steps needed to keep your cat safe, healthy and flea-free! However, we can’t guarantee that the flea shampoo will work or completely mitigate the issue you might experience with fleas.

As we’ve already established, dealing with these parasites is extremely hard since they are pesky and highly resistant even without a food source.

As usual, we recommend seeking a veterinarian’s advice whenever you discover that your cat was in contact with fleas since chances are that she might need professional medical help.

What are some of the cat flea shampoos that you use? Do you prefer liquid or dry cat flea shampoos?

Write a comment below about how you deal with nasty fleas! We’d love to hear from you!



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