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CATSIZOR – Painless Cat Nail Grinder


CatSizor nail grinder will allow you to grind your cats nails at home, quickly, easily and without any mess. Grinder's 30/50 dB ultra-quiet and vibration-free motor is a great choice for owners with nervous cats.

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Grooming is a big part of a cat´s life and it is no surprise to us to see our cats lick their fur to fluffy perfection. But grooming your cat does not end with its sessions of fur cleaning and brushing. More than this, nail care is an essential part of cleaning and maintaining healthy nails.

Our article today is about finding the best nail grinder for cats. Although for some finding nail grinders then work for their cat can be a challenge, we are here to help and ease you into this whole process.

Some of the best features of nail grinders include it being quiet, durable, and vibration-free. This is exactly why our first choice is always CatSizor. With its safety cap, and quiet motor it will ensure the perfection you are looking for when it comes to grinding and grooming your cat´s nails.

Some of our additional features within this article are the introduction to what a nail grinder actually is, how to use it, all the best pros and cons of grinders, and additionally, we will answer some questions that are mostly searched for.

For now, sit back, relax with a cup of coffee, and scroll on…

  • USB charger
  • Two speed modes
  • Quiet and doesn’t vibrate
Ruff ‘n Ruffus Cat and Dog Nail GrinderRuff ‘n Ruffus Cat and Dog Nail Grinder
  • Easy to use
  • Diamond grinder
  • Full kit
Hertzko Electric Pet Nail GrinderHertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder
  • 3 different sized grinding ports
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Diamond grinder bit
Casifor Nail GrinderCasifor Nail Grinder
  • Lifetime replacement service
  • 20h battery life
  • 2 speeds and 3 ports for grinding
Dremel Nail GrinderDremel Nail Grinder
  • It can grind and polish
  • 2 speeds
  • 60-grit sanding drum for comfortable trimming

Before you buy: 3 things you have to consider when purchasing a cat nail grinder

Cats are not fans of grooming

As you may or may not know, cats are not fans of humans grooming them. As grooming is an essential part of their everyday life, they are the ones in charge of their own cleaning and beautifying.

For the most part, cats are good on their own, but there will come a time when you will need to take on some parts of the grooming. This is where it is important to know that first and foremost cats are not the easiest animals to groom due to their independent nature.

What does this mean for your entire experience with grooming your cat?

Simply put, cats and water rarely mix. So when it comes time for you to give your cat a bath, make sure you are taking all the steps to ensure safety and pleasant experience for you and your cat.

This is a question about your bond and relationship. Grooming is a time to enhance this and create an even tighter bond between both of you.

You will understand that this doesn´t mean grab your cat and put it in a bath. It might end up resenting you and losing the trust you have so-far built. And of course, nobody wants that.

Due to this and before you start, thinking of some snacks pre-bath and during bath will be a good idea. As the grooming session is not only about giving it a bath, this is something that you will need to take some time to do.

It is important to ease your cat into the whole process and be happy with small progress. Step by step, as they say. Slow and steady wins the race. So if you notice your cat is getting agitated and frustrated take a step or even a few, back.

The first couple of tries might last longer than the whole grooming but this is how your cat will start enjoying its grooming sessions and not try to run away.

Now that you are a tad more familiar with the process, you will understand why we included this in the pre-shopping part.

It is important to know all this information to see which cat nail grinders will work best for your cat. As they are not the biggest fans of grooming and nail grinding, taking this into consideration when shopping for a grinder is quite important.

This will help you when you start to groom your cat as some grinders might not have the features you need for your cat. An example would be if you have a more agile and anxious feline, you might want to think about investing in a stronger grinder that has more than one speed and an ultra-quiet motor.

This ensures your skills and helps with your cat remaining calm and quiet.

Is it a kitten or an adult cat

The second thing you should have in mind before purchasing a cat nail grinder is to know if you are grooming a kitten or an adult cat. The main difference is whether your cat is already used to grooming and trusts you completely.

If this is a cat that has already gone through some of the grooming procedures and trusts you to not hurt it, your cat will remain rather calm during this session and you will have more liberty and range in which features to look for in a grinder.

If on the other hand, you are trying to groom a kitten, you have to have in mind that it is still a young feline with little or no experience in this situation.

This is exactly why letting it sniff and get familiarized with a grinder is going to be important.

On the other hand, grinders come in all shapes, sounds, and formats, and for this particular situation, you will want to think about range, speed, and whether it is quiet or makes some sound.

Additionally, having a wide range of motion is going to be important. This means getting a cordless grinder which will help you follow your cat´s movements.

Kittens tend to be more active than adult cats and if you happen to startle it or it thinks this is playtime, it might end up jumping around. This is exactly why knowing you have more range of motion is going to help as you will be able to control it better but still be able to finish grooming sessions.

After all, when you grind your cat’s nails, you don´t want to hurt it by overdoing it or getting its fur inside of the grinder. This might result in pulling its hair and agitating the cat.

Cats scare easily – kitty got claws

Yes! Kitty does have claws!

This is a particular reason why doing some research is going to be of big help and why grinding your cat’s nails is crucial for hygiene, health, and happiness. Let´s call them the big H´s!

Grinding your cat’s nail does last longer which may be a disadvantage for most, but it is also of big help to both cats and humans.

Grinding nails is a safer way of filling the nails to ensure they are blunt and healthy without making them split and break. Additionally, this is a good way to not traumatize your feline or stress it out by not inducing a clipper into the mix.

We should also mention that since cats startle easily, this is a safer way for your cat due to most grinders that have safety caps to ensure you not grinding too far and still doing it with a low-vibration and ultra-quiet motors.

Using the right approach when starting to groom your cat with nail grinders is going to be very important as this is a new procedure you are introducing in its life. Like we said, just take it to step by step and you will be successful to get it used to the sound, and the whole process.

More so, it is crucial to find a durable grinder with strong power. Cats may not like your method and approach so this might last longer than you planned and your grinder might run out of power. Imagine this happens when you still have two more legs to finish and 10 more nails to grind.

And now, after you know which details you need to pay attention to you, here is our list of the best nail grinders for cats in 2020.

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The 5 best nail grinders for cats in 2020

1. CatSizor

CATSIZOR – Painless Cat Nail Grinder

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Best features:

  • Ultra-quiet
  • Vibration-free
  • Super affordable


Our #1 choice is obvious as this technology and safety methods speak for the quality they offer. This cat nail grinder will give you control over what you are doing by giving you a cordless range of motion enhanced with safety caps which help with overcutting, and protection of the fur around the nails.

Used by many grooming professionals, the CatSizor technology is easy-to-use and prevents you from making a mess when grooming your little furry friend. Not only this, but it will ensure you finish quickly due to its powerful grinder head.

One of the best features must be the ultra-quiet grinder that runs on 30-50dB. This is truly a great feature as cats do tend to get scared easily and due to loud noises. This product might even help your cat forget that its nails are being ground due to its vibration-free feature that helps ease even the most nervous of cats.

As most vets advised the benefits of this product you know you will have a safe experience that is going to be a chance for you both to additionally bond, create good stories, and make memories.


  • Vibration-free product
  • Quiet ease your cat´s anxiety
  • Safety caps for precision


  • Honestly, none

Bottom line

Ultra-quiet, no vibration product which ensures the safety of your cat and you to finish grooming its nails, fast, precise, and in a time before your cats get agitated. It is easy to order via the website and the price is super affordable offering a genuinely good product for its money and all the benefits it brings.

2. Ruff ‘n Ruffus Cat and Dog Nail Grinder

Ruff 'n Ruffus Cat and Dog Nail Grinder

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Best features:

  • You get a full kit
  • Affordable and amazon choice
  • USB cable for recharging


Grinding your cat´s nails doesn´t have to be a fuss with our #2 choice and Ruff n Ruffus Cat nail grinder. This nail grinder is suitable for both young cats and dogs and adult felines.

As you know cats do enjoy their own grooming but don´t quite applaud humans when they want to help with that same grooming. This nail grinding kit helps with the whole uncomfortable process making it pain and anxiety-free.

The whole kit is comprised of one additional grinding wheel in case this one gets run down, safety and protective caps, and trimming shears in case you need to cut your cats nail. All of this can be stored in its storage pouch for safekeeping.

Not only is this grinder safe for felines and its nails, but it can also be used for small pets using port one and additional port which can be used on medium and large size dogs. Port free is best used for experienced grooming sessions and fastest grinding

This grinder offers you a wide range of motion due to its cordless option that can be used to recharge in just a couple of hours. Its durability is one that is recognized in the whole market. This product can last up to 6hrs of time. Which makes it pretty awesome to know that you have time.


  • 3 bonus accessories
  • 2 grinding speeds
  • Durable diamond grinder


  • Larger dog breeds take more time

Bottom line

With its 3 bonus accessories and 2 grinding speeds, you will be feeling like a professional in no time. Of course, adding the durable diamond grinder option, your nail trimming will be done to perfection as all breeds of cats are going to be enjoying the grooming session with the low-noise and no-vibration feature of this grinder.

3. Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

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Best features:

  • Super-quiet
  • Sharp and precise
  • Affordable


Our third choice is definitely the popular Hertzko Electric pet nail grinder. This product will help any cat enjoy the grooming process due to its low-noise, vibration-free powerful motor that offers agility, precision, and comes in 3 sizes.

Those 3 port sizes help with different pet sizes as well, so if you are someone who has more than one pet, cats or dogs, this is a product for you as you will be able to groom them in your home and know that they will be safe and well-groomed.

It charges via a USB charger, so its portability will give you a comfortable mindset knowing that you will be able to take it anywhere you go, whether it is on a vacation or simply to a friend for safe-keeping.

This product has a purpose. To offer your pet a chance to stay calm during the whole grooming process, but to know you have done a good job without hurting your pet with over trimming or overcutting that might happen when using clippers.

Most have advised us to use treats when grooming our cats, but with this product, you will ensure their complicity by having one safe and calm way of doing this. Of course, the treats are a great additional option.

Let´s not forget to mention its low vibrating and low noise motor that helps with anxiety and you to finish quick. The grinder also contains a diamond grinder which is strong and fast, without putting your feline at risk.


  • Offers 3 different sizes
  • Ultra-quiet nail grinder
  • Easy to clean


  • Can´t replace the grinding material

Bottom line

Due to its 3 different sizes, you will have the option of a very precise, handy grinding for more than one size cat. As cats are known to be more anxious than dogs when it comes to grooming, the ultra-quiet motor is going to help ease them and allow you to finish the job properly, and make those nails look as natural as ever. This grinder comes also at an affordable price so all you need to do is go online and order one.

4. Casifor Nail Grinder

Casifor Nail Grinder

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Best features:

  • Long battery life
  • Speed regulation
  • Quiet motor


This highly quiet motor helps with your pet´s anxiety and it will definitely help your cat stay calm while you file its nail. This 40dB product fits all kinds of pets with its 3 ports and speed regulations. Not only will you finish quick but the speed regulation offers you a chance to learn more skills by using both speeds to your convenience.

As it has a quite powerful motor, your cat´s nails will look amazing in just a little time. Additionally, it will help to know that this product comes with protective caps to give you more control of what you are doing and more chance of grinding your cat´s nails for them to look as natural as they can.

Even if you have more than one pet or more than one cat, this nail grinder is perfectly fit to be used on them also, as the port comes at both speeds for stronger nail grinding on larger breeds of cats or dogs. If you are feeling like a professional and have more experience with grinding your cat´s nails, you will be comfortable using the higher speed and finish even quicker than planned.

This product is available for USB charging within the car, computer, or regular outlet using a power bank or a general adapter. This will help with faster charging of the grinder if you need to use it in a hurry, you will know you can depend on it.


  • 2 speeds
  • Powerful high-quality motor
  • Lifetime replacement


  • Larger breeds take more time

Bottom line

Double the speed at which you have to finish grinding your cat´s nails and you will have this product doing more than what you planned for it. Containing a highly powerful motor and knowing you have a lifetime replacement, you will be able to grind your pet´s nails away with a low-noise option and vibration-free. You will not regret ordering this product via Amazon, as it is one of their top choices as well.

5. Dremel Nail Grinder

Dremel Nail Grinder

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Best features:

  • Multiple speed options
  • Comes with instructions
  • Grinds and polishes


Another one of our choices containing changeable grinding heads offers a full range of motion with its cordless feature alongside strong polishing and nail grinding possibilities. Not only is this product going to up your game when it comes to grooming, but it will also help you with learning to understand how to nail grinding is supposed to be done with all the instructions that come with buying this product.

As another one of Amazon´s choices, this rotary tool offers a safe, effective, and efficient way of grooming your cat in a less stressful way than using clippers. Due to its variability when it comes to speed, you will be able to confidently change between them and style your cat´s nails as nature intended.

Its battery can last you up to 3hrs, but if you find yourself with a malfunctioned part, you are more than welcome to have the accessory change and a little tool that comes within the kit. With its powerful grinding heads, you will finish styling your cat´s nails in no time.


  • Instructions are included in the purchase
  • 2 speeds twice as fast
  • Sanding heads for polishing


  • Possibly too sharp

Bottom line

A quick solution for the less experienced cat owners who have never had a chance to groom and style their cat´s nails. It comes with instructions that will help you grind your cat´s nails as nature intended. With two speeds as options, you don´t have to worry about overdoing it as you will be able to slow down if needed by speed, as well as change any of the grinding heads if they malfunction or get worn down.

Grinding versus clipping cat nails

This happens to be one of the most usual questions cat owners have. And we don´t blame them. As cats tend to be a tad more anxious than dogs when it comes to grooming, it is a safe bet to ask this question.

Here´s why: simply put, both have its benefits and its cons, but at the end of the day, what every owner is looking for is a fast way or safely grooming its cat´s nails. So which way is better?

Here are the pros and cons of grinding your cat´s nails:

First things first, these products offer a wide range of features and many of them are what suits best the owners who decided to be the ones who groom their cats. Knowing this, their benefits is to have a cat that will not scratch away their furniture or them by that matter.

Pros of grinding your cat´s nails

  • Nail grinders are not complicated to use – by far. These products work by either plugging them into an outlet or simply pressing a button. It is a fact that you don´t have to be a professional to understand how they work and what is the best way to grind a nail. This being said, many of the nail grinders on the market come with full instructions on how you can use them to their full benefit.
  • Nail grinders are safer to use than clippers – Many of the cat owners are worried about cutting way too far and causing their adorable pet pain or draw blood. This is definitely a safer way of grooming their nails and preventing a lot of scratches. Due to the usage of nail grinders, you have the full control of motion to up and until where you will stop grinding. As well as this, you have the chance of stopping if you notice that your feline is in pain or if it is causing it anxiety.
  • They come with many accessories – These accessories help with the styling of your cat’s nails to perfection and to make it look like the first moment and how nature intended it. One of the key features is the polishing head that helps grind your cat´s nail and polish it to be well-rounded and soft by the touch. This way your cat still has a chance of having nails, but you have the security that you won´t get scratched and that your sofa is safe.
  • They are quite affordable – When it comes to investing money, many of the products have a warranty and can be replaced by the company if one of the features mal-functions.
  • Low noise and low vibration – this feature offers your cat a chance of staying calm during the grooming of the nails part. Not only is this important but grooming will enforce and strengthen your bond and trust, so look at these sessions as bonding time with your cat.
  • More range of motion – Not only do all of these features already inspire trust and many benefits, but you also get more range of motion due to its cordless models that charge via a USB charger or power bank. Their batteries last anywhere from 3 hrs up to 20 hrs while charging is down at 1 or 2 hrs.

Cons of grinding your cat´s nails

  • Its vibrations are louder than clippers due to the motor which is trying to grind away the nail.
  • Many need batteries or to be charged well over half to work with the same force
  • Technology still malfunctions and you will find yourself trying to replace it.
  • Lasts longer than clipping the nails which might cause your cat to get bored and decide to walk away

Pros of clipping your cat´s nails

  • It lasts way less time than grinding a cat´s nail due to the time it takes to go through the entire nail. This is a good way of just cutting through the nail and moving on to the next one. Your cat will love this efficiency level and there is a way bigger chance of it not getting bored.
  • They are very easy to use – The only important aspect here is learning until what line you can cut a cat´s nail. It is important because you might end up cutting away too much and causing your cats to nail to bleed and cause pain. Since we know that nobody wants this, it is important to learn how to recognize where you should stop.
  • The price is cheap – This is another great plus for pet owners, as you know you will not have to invest a lot of money into groomers or visits to the vet for them to cut their nails or grind them down.
  • Variety of choices – Just like with the grinders you will be able to choose a variety of cat nail clippers for your own benefits and your cat´s as well. While there are scissor-style clippers, they have shorter blades which help with being quick when it comes to clipping. Some others include the guillotine style where it is required for you to have a bit more experience in cutting your cat´s nails and pliers style where it provides you with a better grip when cutting.

Cons of clipping your cat’s nails

  • If you are not experienced at what you do, you might end up cutting way too far and hurting your feline.
  • After cutting you may still need a grinder to sand the nail down and help make it soft and well rounded.

How did we find the best cat nail grinders?

When it comes to finding the right products there is always a wide choice and range on the internet, anything from pet accessories to actual grooming styling tools that help owners practice in the privacy of their own homes.

In our case, we went on a deep emersion of the internet and tried to find all the products that our professional groomers advised us would do an incredible job when it comes to grooming our cat´s nails. And although we came across many different kinds of products regarding speed, durability, quiet and loud, multi-functionality, charging ways, and more, we still wanted to give you a fusion of all those benefits and offer you range from affordable to expensive and from basic to advance.

As we also contacted our professional groomers, their advice was based on their own experiences of grooming cats. Some of which happened to be quite aggressive and others didn´t move an inch until they finished grooming them. All of their advice was based on the variables such as the speed at which they finish, quiet motors, and cleaning the product.

As cats are more of a fluffy kind of animal, their fur takes more time to clean, and often it gets stuck within the motors of the grinders. Not only this, but grinding nails can often get dirtier than expected and it is still our job to clean it all up after we are done to have a well-functioning product and ready for the next grooming session.

To add, veterinarians have offered insight into our choices as well, but their focus was more on the physical and mental wellbeing of our felines rather than the speed and success of how the grooming worked. In their case, they emphasized the importance of the cat being calm during the whole session rather than torturing it past its limits.

Lastly, the products we chose were ones of our experience and confirmation that they actually do work. While most cats will try to run away when you even mention bath time, grinding their nails is not something to cause them anxiety for and it can be done in calm ways to inspire success and success.

Frequently Aske Questions

Do cats feel pain with a grinder?

Grinders are generally safer than nail clippers as there is not as much danger of overcutting the nail. This is a good way of taking your time to learn more about where the limits are and if needed where you need to stop cutting.

Are nail grinders safe for cats?

Yes, they are safe, especially if you are learning how to use the instructions and the grinder and making sure that your cat is not being anxious or uncomfortable.

How often should you grind your cat’s nails?

Professionals advise us to grind our cat´s nails once every month or twice every month and a half. They advise and say this is the optimal time that is needed for a nail to grow without stressing the animal of overcutting too often.

Is a nail grinder the right option for my cat?

Depending on what your feline is like, whether it is a kitten or an adult cat, you should decide based on knowing your cat. If it is a more anxious cat, you might want to start it off easy and then ease it into the grinding way of grooming its nails. If on the other side you have a calm cat, then a grinder is absolutely a safer option for you, especially if you are a beginner.

What to do if I trim my cats nail too far?

Good advice would be to grind your cat’s nail slowly, especially at first, but if you do find yourself in this predicament, then by all means either try to stop the bleeding or take the cat to the vet as they are well-trained for this kind of situations.

At what angle should you grind your dog’s nail?

It is best if you keep and hold the grinder steady in your hand at a 45-degree angle. This offers the most precision and gives the nail a more natural look.

Can you use a nail file instead of a nail grinder?

Nail files are mostly used when you want to give your cats nails some finishing touches. But it is not mostly used as a tool, as it would last too long and cats really don´t have that much patience.


Now that you have read our article and have a bit more experience with nail grinders let us know which were your favorites or if you have some other you are using. What are your experiences with nail grinders for cats?

Write anything you want whether it is advice or questions you might have below in the comment section and we will be more than happy to reply. This is our way of staying in touch, reading through your experiences, and advice and it is how we learn more.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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