Why Does Your Cat Sleep on You?

why do cats sleep on you

Cats sleep more than you think.

According to research, they sleep somewhere around 15 hours per day.

An average day for a domestic cat usually consists of climbing on everything, pushing things off the counter, playing with trash, ignoring all the expensive toys you bought, and occasionally destroying some furniture.

When done with that, usually they will try to grab your attention so that you will give them something to eat. You leaving a full bowl of food earlier in the day is not satisfactory, they didn’t ask for it then.

Now is now and that food is old, not fit for their royal stomach.

Your overlord demands fresh food, or maybe for you just to stir the food in the bowl.

In nature, they would hunt mainly during the night but they are opportunists. So that rule is not set in stone. They would hunt any time there’s a good catch on the horizon.

So during day or night, they will try to catch everything that moves. Birds, bugs, flies, and mice are their favorite, they enjoy the hunt and will do it sometime just for fun not because they are hungry.

What we are trying to say is, they are mostly active during the night so don’t be surprised if your cat sleeps the whole day. But you probably already know if you own a cat.

If you don’t and are planning to get a cat, then be prepared for some sleepless nights. But don’t worry it’s all worth it and your cat will calm down “eventually”.

There’s a big debate between experts if we actually domesticated cats or if it’s the other way around.

Understanding the behavior of your cat

We have to consider one thing in the equation. Cats are very territorial animals, which is one of the reasons why it takes them a long time to adapt to a new environment, and to people and other animals in the household.

It might be that in your cat’s eyes that bed you are sleeping on is nice and soft but not necessarily yours. Also the apartment, you are paying for it and it may be on your name, but it’s just a small price to pay for their presence.

They probably see it as their territory and you are sleeping in their apartment and in their bed.

So maybe, the question isn’t “Why does my cat sleep on me-with me?” but “Why do I sleep under my cat?” or “ Why do I sleep with my cat?”.

We are pretty sure some of the greatest minds in history have pondered upon this question. “Do you own a cat or does the cat own you?”

What do you think goes through your cat’s mind?

How cats communicate

Keep your eyes on the tail.

Cats are not like dogs, they don’t wag their tail when they are happy.

The movement of the tail can tell us a lot about how they feel.

Usually, if it moves it’s not a good sign and it is an early warning sign which tells you to stop whatever you were doing “It’s annoying me”.

Let’s get back to why they like to sleep on us or with us.

Cats can’t talk. We know it’s hard to believe, but even though some cats meow more than others that is usually just to get our attention, not to communicate.

With us, they communicate through body language, and one of the reasons a cat sometimes sleeps with you and sometimes doesn’t, is that it just wants to show you that it loves you and to suck up your life essence…I mean to enjoy your warmth.

And if sometimes your cat doesn’t want to sleep with you don’t worry. They just need their personal space, time to reflect on their life choices, and think about what piece of furniture they will destroy next.

Or it’s simply too warm in the room and they need to cool down, so they will retire to their box or just spread on the floor.

If your cat bites you while you were cuddling it probably just because you crossed the line.

You must devote yourself to learn the ways of your cat and the no go zones. A cat bite doesn’t necessarily mean an attack; it’s usually just a warning or in some situations a call to play.

Understanding the body of your cat

Cats have a slightly higher normal body temperature than us humans, it is around 100,9-102,2℉ or 38,3-39℃.

So what that basically means is they like to be warm and they like warm places. This is not a surprise when you think about it and when we consider that most house cats are descendants of desert cats.

What does this mean?

It means that if you are feeling warm or cold it doesn’t mean that your cat also does.

Comfortable room temperature may vary depending on the breed and size of your cat, but we can conservatively say it’s around 80℉ or 26℃.

So we have to keep this in mind and provide some warm places or blankets for them in the winter and some places to cool down in the summer.

Fun fact: one of the ways cats regulate their body temperature is sweating through their paws.

Different sleeping positions that a cat can take

Why does your cat sleep between your legs?

It has mostly to do with comfort or keeping warmth. When they lean their head against you, they’re basically using you as a human pillow.

“Why not just lean against the real pillow?” You might ask?

Short answer, yes they can and they do but it’s all about asserting dominance and showing who’s the boss reminding you that you’re just a pawn in their world domination scheme.

Why does my cat sleep on my head?

It’s because your head is usually the warmest part of your body and your cat can feel that. If it’s a cold night it just might be trying to warm up or it’s just done with your services. So it’s trying to suffocate you so it can move on to another human.

Why does my cat sleep on its back?

If your cat sleeps with you on its back, all stretched out revealing its stomach, it’s the ultimate show of trust and relaxation, your cat has reached equilibrium.

All that is left is to gently stroke its belly, but be careful and don’t overdo it.

Why does my cat sleep next to me?

If your cat sleeps next to you it means: “I love you but we need some space and time apart”.

The relationship you have with your cat is always personal and very unique in each case.

No two cats are the same as no two humans are.

A good cat and human relationship is built on trust, love and lots and lots of cat treats.

What you need to know before you start sleeping with your cat

A very important thing to consider if you are sleeping with your cat is hygiene and allergies.

Even though cats are considered to be very clean, they are still animals. They may be carrying some things that are harmful to us, like bacteria and viruses. Especially if they are cats that go outside.

An indoor cat usually doesn’t present that many issues if vaccinated and worm free but caution is advised.

If you are allergic to cats It’s always best to ask your doctor how to deal with the cat hairs, dust and other things that a cat brings with it into your home and bed.

One study shows that cats are very good at relieving stress and can bring a lot of happiness and laughter into your life.

If raised in a good and loving environment a cat can be the best addition to the family.

They don’t require a lot, but if given what they need they will be the best pet ever. You just need to be patient.

Your cat is probably sleeping with you because you have reached the golden point in your cat and human relationship.

Cats nature

Like most people, cats are very moody animals. Yes, they have feelings and dreams like all of us. So be careful not to hurt their feelings. Cats are very suspicious creatures.

If they trust you and feel safe with you they will choose to sleep with you.

This demonstration of trust is how you know that your cat is happy with you and has taken you as one of their own.

In nature, they mostly live in small packs, only with other felines they trust and they have a hierarchy system where one alpha male or female leads the group.

Cats are dominant creatures and one of the main reasons why cats like to sleep on us is to show dominance and remind you that you are not allowed to move without them knowing.

Although this might be true in some cases… Jokes aside, the struggle for dominance in the home is real.

If you don’t dominate, your cat will dominate you.

Think like a cat, try to be the alpha cat, and don’t worry your cat will love you. Just be prepared to defend your throne in the future.

Often in nature cats challenge each other for the place at the throne even though there seem to be no problems in the pack.


Cats are special, and they are more human-like than some people realize.

The only things we are sure about is that:

  • Cats like warm places
  • Cats like safe places
  • Cats show love and trust by sleeping with you
  • Cats are using you as a pillow
  • Cats only care about world domination

Everything else is pure speculation and not enough research.

Just remember that if your cat is doing something nice with you, it means that it loves you, trusts you and counts on you to protect it. You are doing the right things. “Why it doesn’t do things with you?” you are probably doing something wrong, or your cat just doesn’t care.

That’s it from us, for now. How did you like the post? Does your cat sleep on you? We would love to see your comments on this!

And don’t be scared to ask questions, that’s how we learn and have fun.


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