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6 Best Cat Carriers That Will Help Keep Your Cat Calm

best cat carriers

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HITCH Pet Travel Carrier Soft Sided Portable Bag for Cats
Your little friend will be definitely calm and very comfortable thanks to this durable and travel friendly item. Here you can find a lot of softness and almost all of other advantages you can think of that your cats need to have in one single Cat Carrier.
  • Simple to store item – high collapsible carrier
  • Very comfortable – both you and your cat will love it!
  • Machine-washable materials – it’s made of really good materials

How many times have you planned trips and going out of home for vacations? Although we are proud Cat owners, sometimes we need to get very quickly from one point to the other. That means our cats wouldn’t have too much time for searching around or napping on the grass. And, suddenly, there the nightmare starts.

How to keep our cats calm on journeys? Will they be cool enough if we just leave them home? Will they find those treats and food we’ve served them? You also don’t like to take them to the Pet Hotels or just to leave them at your friends’ house? It would be definitely nice if you could carry your cats with you. But how to do it properly?

Don’t worry, that’s why people invented some of the Best Cat Carriers That Will Help Your Cat Calm. And we are ready to present it here, with special words dedicated to our first choice in this category, HITCH Pet Travel Carrier Soft Sided Portable Bag for Cats , designed for those who are taking a lot of care of their little furry friends.

We intend to take your hand and show you the miracle world of the best Carriers you can find on the web. Stay assured that down here you can’t find low-quality items, or those which aren’t easy to use or which aren’t convenient for travels. But, let’s check out together some buying tips.

All products featured on Cat Travel Guide are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our links, we may earn a small affiliate commission.



HITCH Pet Travel Carrier Soft Sided Portable Bag for Cats

  • Simple to store item
  • Very comfortable
  • Machine-washable materials
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Henkelion Cat Carriers Pet Carrier Airline Approved

  • Convenient adjustable shoulder strap
  • Airline-approved design
  • Very durable item
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Petisfam Top Load Cat Carrier for Medium Cats, Collapsible and Escape Proof

  • Three ways to get in and outside the carrier
  • Easy to transport
  • Warm and nice design
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Pet Carrier Compatible Dog and Cats, Airline Approved Bag by Aivituvin

  • Ideal for your kittens
  • Foldable item
  • Ideal travel friend
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Smiling Paws Pets 4-Way Expandable Airline Approved Soft Sided Pet Carrier

  • Self-locking zippers
  • Аll sides can be expanded
  • Ideal Cat Carriers for long journeys
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Akinerri Airline Approved Pet Carriers

  • Еasy to access item
  • It has its nice handles and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Your cat will definitely be safe here
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A few things you should know before you buy a Cat Carrier

As always, our reviews aren’t just lists of good items, and we are keen to provide as much advice and tips as possible in order to keep you well-informed about these great products.

When you want to spend money, do it with style. But be aware about what you are buying. Some Cat Carriers look nice and fancy, but their quality isn’t always worth the money. Here are some nice advices and quotes you should read twice before you buy any of these items from our List of the Best Cat Carriers That Will Keep Your Cat Calm.

Is your cat ready to enter the carrier?

Ok, you know that the Cat Carriers are convenient for your outdoor activities with cats, but it’s normal that you are unsure about the purchasing of that item, because your kitty never tried it before. If your cat has never been in before, then you should try to find something less expensive for the first time.

You can find some basic options for her, maybe those regular carriers with only one entrance. You can even make something like that on your own, with some old materials from the basement. Good option is to borrow this item from somebody who already owns it.

If nothing of the sort isn’t adequate for you at this moment, then feel free to try the cheaper carriers. We always like to say that you should train your kittens to jump in these items while they are small and young. It will be much easier for you to carry them around whenever you want.

Be sure about the dimensions of the Cat Carrier

Most common buying mistakes are those about the missed dimensions of carriers you’ve ordered. That’s one of information cat owners somehow often skip or just misunderstand. The same producers usually make one item in more than one dimension. And then we get same looking items, with the same shape, but different load capacity and sizes. We wanted a large one, but we get the smaller one.

Yup, we all make mistakes, but it’s not great if we need to look for refund or product change. So, be sure about your cat’s height and weight and try to get those Cat Carriers which will satisfy kitty’s comfort and space for napping.

Your journeys will be much easier with the cat carriers

Those items are made for travel days. The intention of its inventors was nothing else but to create a powerful tool which can help us in such situations. So, if you are one of those cat owners who travels a lot, you don’t have a chance to choose should you buy it or not. You just need it!

Cat Carriers are convenient and easy to use on vacations. If you want to always be near your favorite furry friend, or group of them, then you need to purchase one of these products, for sure.

What is the greatest thing, there are some carriers which airline approved and easy to install in your car. You’ll find some easy foldable carriers in the market, convenient for packing.

How many cats do you have?

It’s usually one of the most important topics when you are keen on buying these items. You should know that the Cat Carriers are most often made for one or at most two adult cats. They are also adequate enough for many kittens, but you can’t expect that there will be enough room for many adult cats.

Some of these carriers are even recommended for adult cats because of its size and dimensions, it wouldn’t be appropriate to put more than two bigger predators there. It’s simple, they wouldn’t be too comfortable here. Don’t forget how important comfort is while we are on long journeys. And our furry friends must have enough space for napping, sitting and turning around.

Are you traveling a lot with your cat?

If you are a travel nomad, stay assured you’ll need a quality Cat Carrier for your little pals. But, what should a carrier have to be considered a quality product? Well for starters, you need to secure a carrier to be her/his safe spot. Try to ensure some durable items that will last for a long time. You need quality materials, nice, convenient and breathable mesh and some strong frames.

It would be excellent if you purchase one of these Cat Carriers which are made for travels. They are usually easy foldable and can survive even your toughest adventures. We are talking about those cat owners who like to walk in nature, hike, and climb or just spent their time somewhere outdoors.

Try to find some Cat Carriers which are easy to carry

It might look like some usual not helpful distraction, but we know how heavy and uncomfortable that could be. If you ever had one Cat Carrier which is not easy to carry, then you know what we are talking about.

There are a lot of carriers with nice and very comfortable handles, so try to pick your carrier with this feature! You’ll also need a comfortable strap. We are always reminding you how comfort is important when you are outside with your pets because if one of you isn’t satisfied (you or your tiny friend), then the feeling just isn’t perfect at all!

Cat carrier must be safe!

No matter what your favorite color is or what kind of Cat Carrier design you prefer, you must have on your mind – safety first! We’ve heard a lot of scary stories about our tools which were unsafe and we don’t to go through those tails again.

It’s simple – stay assured that your new Cat Carrier will be strong enough for your furry friend. Try all of those zippers before you put your furry pet inside. Check everything about its durability. After you are sure that these items are strong enough for the usage, then you are free to carry your cat around, whenever and however you want.

But, here is one really big secret you should know before you click the “Buy” button somewhere on the web – you’ll not find any unsafe item on our the Best Cat Carriers list!

Always look for those cat carriers which are lightweight

In the last few years we’ve noticed that there are plenty Cat Carriers which are not so heavy, they are even large enough for more than one adult cat. That is a great fact, because it’s not easy to carry something heavy around while you are outside the house.

But you need to be careful. Actually, you’ll not be 100% sure how heavy they exactly are, until you get these items in your hands. But try to find those carriers which are lightweight. That can save your life sometimes!

Now, let’s take a look at what we selected as the Best Cat Carriers That Will Help Keep Your Cat Calm. Make some noise, here are the greatest achievements of the Cat Carrying Industry!

6 Best Cat Carriers That Will Help Keep Your Cat Calm

1. HITCH Pet Travel Carrier Soft Sided Portable Bag for Cats

HITCH Pet Travel Carrier

Go there and HITCH your cat’s life quality with the probably the best Cat Carrier on the market. Your little friend will be definitely calm and very comfortable thanks to this durable and travel friendly item. Here you can find a lot of softness and almost all of other advantages you can think of that your cats need to have in one single Cat Carrier.

At the first sight, it seems like a regular designed Cat Carrier with a lot of meshes everywhere, and no-slip carrying strap. Yes, that is the truth, but we think that the beauty is in the simplicity. You’ll enjoy carrying this lightweight and comfortable carrier whenever you need to get outside your home.

This item is made of soft and gentle fabrics and your cat will be totally satisfied there. Good old mesh ventilation will secure the breathable area for cat, and, what is also very important, it will give your cat a really great view while you are on the road.

Of course, this item is very safe and you really don’t need to think about it. You can use these locking zippers, and they are here to prevent your pet from opening the carrier either by accident or intentionally during travel. Inside the carrier, you’ll find an internal leash, which will keep your cat secure there. And over there is a little card, also, just to show your contact point. Just in case.

We all know just how much comfort matters. And this item has a lot of it for one adult cat. This item is also airline approved by many companies and it is just an ideal solution for your vacations. But, also, you can use it while you are taking your cat to the market or to the vet.

This item is very durable, made of really good materials, and you won’t have any issues when the time for washing comes, because of this machine-washable faux lambskin inside. There are very convenient pockets on the sides and here you can storage all of those cat tools, food or treats you cat adore.


  • Simple to store item – high collapsible carrier
  • Very comfortable – both you and your cat will love it!
  • Machine-washable materials – it’s made of really good materials


  • None – it has everything one carrier should have

Bottom line

This durable, collapsible and airline approved item will fit all of your desires and needs. One of its biggest advantages is that one about the price. It has nice old-school design and high quality fabrics. Your cat will be safe and comfortable inside this breathable surrounding. If you are searching for some really good and cheap Cat Carrier, then you need to have this one!

2. Henkelion Cat Carriers Pet Carrier Airline Approved

Henkelion Pet Carrier

Here is one more perfect Cat Carrier, which is recommended for one adult cat or for those with the kittens. This carrier is very light-weight and you will not even now that you are carrying something on your shoulder or that you have your cats in there, because it has very comfortable and gentle straps and handles.

This item is also easy foldable and collapsible, so it can be your good travel pal. When you collapse it, it will not occupy a lot of space in your trunk or perhaps somewhere in your wardrobe.

But if you are one of those Cat owners who likes to travel, then we can say that this item has an airline- approved design and it would be a very helpful item while you are just above the clouds!

There is an adjustable shoulder strap, which is set to help you with carrying your cat around without the usage of your hands. Of course, you aren’t the only one who will enjoy its comfort. But this durable and lightweight item is something each cat owner will definitely appreciate.

You will also love its waterproof materials, which are very important for those rainy and cold days. This all-side mesh is here to give a safe and comfortable trip for your little meow friend!

You’ll face no issues with the carrying and storing of this item. And, just like our top choice on this list, you don’t need to worry about the washing. There is a fleece pet bed, which can be easily removed and washed!


  • Convenient adjustable shoulder strap – it makes this thing much easier to carry
  • Airline-approved design – it will match all of those needs
  • Very durable item – it will last long


  • None, literally

Bottom line

Item in front of you is a modestly priced. Don’t hesitate to purchase it. Definitely one of the best Cat Carriers that will keep your cat calm while you are on the road. This item is very durable, collapsible and easy to use. One of the nicest thing around are those adjustable straps. They make our cat carrying very easy and comfortable.

3. Petisfam Top Load Cat Carrier for Medium Cats, Collapsible and Escape Proof

Petisfam Top Load Cat Carrier

And look at this grey beauty! Perfectly designed Cat Carrier sends the vibes of warmness and comfort. It’s not a secret anymore – this producer makes one of the best and most durable Cat Carriers in the world.

We think this item is very durable because of its high quality oxford fabric and convenient nylon mesh, which is almost indestructible. It is even claw scratch resistant. To be honest, you will not find an item which is completely claw resistant, but this one is really good for those meow activities.

There are three openings for easy access to your kitty. Because of it, now it’s much easier to load your little pal into this great carrier than most other cat carriers. You’ll find here one top opening and two side doors! It is good to know that this product is also very safe, all of these zippers are anti-escape, and inside the carrier there is a leash hook, which can secure your cat there!

One more very adequate Cat Carrier for traveling. Use it however you want while you are on the road. It has luggage and decent car seat belt straps.

This item is easy to carry and easy to store. There are convenient carrying handles and adjustable shoulder strap, ideal for your walks and other outdoor activities.


  • Three ways to get in and outside the carrier – that means easy loading!
  • Easy to transport – no matter by car or air
  • Warm and nice design – it will match your outfit easily!


  • It’s not machine-washable item

Bottom line

This is definitely one of those products your cat should try at least once in her life. Very comfortable and nicely designed Cat Carrier which is very easy to use – with those three openings and almost indestructible mesh! Petisfam Top Load Cat Carrier for Medium Cats, Collapsible and Escape Proof is something you should consider having, especially if you are often outside with your cats!

4. Pet Carrier Compatible Dog and Cats, Airline Approved Bag by Aivituvin

Aivituvin Large Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

And here is another great product, but now we are talking about something bigger and something what is roomy enough for more than one adult cats.

Okay, it’s not large enough for the cat’s kindergarten inside, but if you possess two adult cats, then you will make a great decision by buying this very nice item. Of course, it’s not all about size. This great Cat Carrier has unique design and the producers are confident that this item isn’t just a carrier, but also a really fashion bag.

It folds flat and you’ll be satisfied with them – it makes storage much easier when we are not using this item.

The whole carrier is truly lightweight and made of good materials. There is one plastic stick on the top of this product and it’s never going to go through the mesh side. The producers sees that as a great improvement on the production process.

This item is odor resistant, equipped with stronger shoulder strap and self-lock zippers, which are completely safe and your cat will stay in her carrier, no matter what happens outside.

This is an ideal product for those cat owners with the kittens, too. They will love large space and soft and comfortable surrounding here! There is a large side entry and this area inside is totally breathable and convenient for your little friends.


  • Ideal for your kittens – large space they will like!
  • Foldable item – this Cat Carrier won’t take up a lot of space when it is not in use
  • Ideal travel friend – you can easily use it whenever you are


  • It is maybe not sturdy enough for more than two adult cats

Bottom line

When we are talking about this item, it is important to say that this design over here is very nice, and those shoulder straps are simply very helpful. This makes you comfortable during the outside trips and journeys with your little friends. Pet Carrier Compatible Dog and Cats, Airline Approved Bag by Aivituvin is available with green and pink details on it. This nice and very comfortable lying mat will make journeys even easier for your cats.

5. Smiling Paws Pets 4-Way Expandable Airline Approved Soft Sided Pet Carrier

Smiling Paws Pets Expandable Soft Sided Pet Carrier

Do you sometimes need a lot of space and you are often ok with the smallest carrier in the world? You just need something you can reduce in size whenever you want? Here we are, this is something you’ll adore.

This item is something completely new in the pet industry, recommended for those who are feeding more than one adult cat and have to travel often with their kitties. Bu you’ll find many features over there, such as the option to expand one of the four sides. That is not all! Top load entry is enabled here, and you’ll also find safety self-locking.

While we are talking about the awesomeness, look at these zipped storage pocket, safety sleeve for luggage handles and car seatbelts, and that soft machine washable pad. Nothing to complain about! This product is really great for your travel days and outdoor trips.

This definitely unique cat bag can be extended and that’s how you can create an unparalleled space of comfort in any situation.

On that top entry you can roll the mesh once you’ve opened it. Also, stay free to secure the leash inside and give your tinny buddy time for himself!

This is one more Cat Carrier from the category “Airline Approved”. But stay assured everything here is very strong and durable. You kitty can finally be rambunctious and wild, you just need to relax and enjoy your trip. There are quality metallic clips, nice and good rods and an internal leash. It is good to know that the internal fabric is laminated and leak-proof. And, of course, this softy pad inside the carrier is machine-washable!


  • Self-locking zippers – this item is definitely very safe
  • Аll sides can be expanded – just unzip to make it roomier!
  • Ideal Cat Carriers for long journeys – reduce its size whenever you want


  • А little pricy item – it could be way cheaper than that

Bottom line

Although this item is pretty expensive and you can find many cheaper Cat Carriers than this one, your impressions will be great! It is one roomy item with lots of space inside. You can fit more than three adult cats there, and, when you are taking your kitty to the vet, it can look like a small carrier. You can adjust its dimensions easily and this product is foldable and easy to store.

6. Akinerri Airline Approved Pet Carriers

Akinerri Pet Carrier

There are three different colors of this item in the market. No matter do you like grey, brown or the blue one, this Cat Carrier is something you will not complain about, for sure. It is written on the back that this carrier is suitable for cats up to 15 lbs, but we’ve tried it with one adult cat, and it was great. More than that would probably be ok, but not great at all.

It has really nice design, and this item is very easy to use. You can set up and fold down flat for storage in just a few seconds.

It is very easy to access inside there. You can see two entrances here. Only thing you need to do is to unzip the top entrance and your cat can poke her head out. Stay engaged even when you are far away from home!

As you could see in the Head tittle of this item, this product is airline approved by many companies and you won’t have any issues with this carrier at the airports. But what is also very convenient, it can be secured in car seat and fastened on luggage.

You’ll find some great carrying handles and adjustable shoulder strap here. That means you will face no problems with carrying this item, and, of course, your cat will have the best possible view, because of these mesh windows. It will enable great airflow for your little pal there!


  • Еasy to access item – your cat can poke her head out
  • It has its nice handles and adjustable shoulder straps – easy to carry product
  • Your cat will definitely be safe here – safety inner leash and self-lock zippers are included


  • Enough space for just one adult cat – not too much room

Bottom line

This very safe product will meet your needs. If you are beginner in this type of cat carrying system, this Cat Carrier will be a great addition. This product we would recommend for those cat owners with not more than one adult cat, because there would be no space for more than that. The Akinerri Airline Approved Pet Carriers are decent solution for those who want to have very good carriers and want to travel with them. Surely, a long lasting item!

How to clean your cat carrier properly?

No matter how much we love them and care for them, our cats can be pretty messy! And nobody wants to have a dirty or smelly Cat Carrier while we are traveling. How embarrassing that can be! But don’t worry, it is always a great time to learn how it’s done properly or how to do it when you are out of your time.

So eventually you will need to clean your cat carrier well, and we will share a few tips and tricks of how it’s done.

How to clean your cat carrier properly, step by step:

  • Again, safety first! Make sure you have hand protection gear to shield yourself from germs. Disposable gloves might work best seeing as you can just throw them out once you’re done.
  • Separate all the moving parts and go over them with a vacuum cleaner so you can get chunks of any leftover food, hair and so on.
  • Check the hard to reach places such as corners for anything that could have found its way there.
  • Throw anything that is machine washable into the machine, and wash the rest with soap and water. Lemon juice, baking powder and water are good for removing stubborn stains.
  • And lastly, dry everything well!

What’s the difference between carriers with and without adjustable shoulder straps?

Considering our human nature for frequent traveling. We have encountered a necessity for bringing our pets with us everywhere we go. Just imagine yourselves having to go somewhere and not being able to bring your best pals with paws with you. Luckily for us, people are innovative when it comes to all things, and that includes the equipment needed for transporting our kitties. We will list some pros for cat carriers with and without adjustable shoulder straps so you can see what suits you best.

Cat carriers With Adjustable Shoulder Straps

Having a cat carrier with adjustable shoulder straps will make it easier for you for a number of reasons!
Good for those people that don’t do too good with dimensions when ordering online. So if it doesn’t fit at the first try you simply loosen or tighten up the strap and you’re ready!
Other example is for when switching between summer and winter clothes. It’s not always that you travel to the same season or time zone.

Sharing is caring! You are a cat person so that probably means that you have friends that are also cat lovers. There could be a time when some of them ask you to borrow your carrier either for traveling or to test it out for themselves. So when borrowing they can simply adjust the shoulder strap to their body shape and size.

Cat Carriers Without Adjustable Shoulder Straps

Well for starters, they are cheaper! If you were one of those indulgent owners and you have equipped your pet with all sorts of goodies, you might be running low on funds for the next item you need. Time for traveling has approached and you are in need of a carrier.

Could be more durable and rigid – some shoulder straps just simply perform better when they are not adjustable. It means less moving parts, less friction while adjusting and less unnecessary movement, in other words, it stays right there where you need it to stay.

Our reasons for choosing our best Cat Carrier That Will Help Keep Your Cat Calm

When it’s all said and done you will find yourself in a situation where you need to pick a carrier for your cat. On our list you won’t find one that won’t be suitable for you or one that will let you down.

We are not impressed by the flashy items, or a not earned price tag, we were looking for safe, not too heavy, reasonably priced, cat carrier that we can recommend to people who want to bring their cats with them on their adventures.

We also took into consideration what many customers thought and said about these items in their reviews of these great products!

If you are still not sure which Cat Carrier your cat needs for your future voyages, go through our list once more! Do you already have experience with anything from our list?

We highly recommend these items, there must be a reason why other customers are placing their trust in them! We’ll be glad to hear your opinions about these items and we welcome your comments or suggestions.



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