8 Best Cat Backpack Carriers Your Cat Will Adore


In a hurry? Here is our top pick:

Giantex Astronaut Cat Backpack

Giantex Astronaut Pet Cat Dog Puppy Carrier Travel Bag Space Capsule Backpack Breathable

It is hard to ask for more than this item offers! If you have long walks high on your priority list, you just need it. It is a great product for those who want only the best for their furry comrades. Your cat will be satisfied in here, for sure.


  • Perfect item for indoor cats – those cats which like to look outside need this!
  • Funny way to carry your cat – Is she pretending to be an astronaut?
  • Great functionality – not too heavy and easy for use

Climbing, walking, and nice picnics are always a great way of entertainment in nature. But, how far can we go without our furry friends?

We are often unable to leave our sweet friends in the house. Usually, we are frightened with a sense of loneliness that could prevail with our cats, and sometimes we simply want them to be our comrades during exciting excursions and trips.

And that’s why we all need Best Cat Backpack Carriers Your Cat Will Adore! They are the most convenient travel items you can find in the cat – market.

There are plenty of quality cat backpacks on the web, and we’ll make a special note when introducing the Giantex Astronaut Pet Cat Dog Puppy Carrier Travel Bag Space Capsule Backpack Breathable, which is probably the best in the class!

Let’s jump into the world of crazy meow Carriers to see what could be the best for our favorite pets. But, before we do that, it is very important to see do we really need anything like this, and what we should know before buying it.

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Quick summary

Giantex Astronaut Cat BackpackGiantex Astronaut Breathable Travel Capsule Backpack
  • Perfect item for indoor cats
  • Funny way to carry your cat
  • Great functionality
Pettom Pet Rolling Cat Carrier BackpackPettom Pet Rolling Carrier Backpack Dog Wheel Around Cat Luggage Bag Pet Travel Carrier
  • Ideal for your plane flights with the kitties
  • Extremely comfortable and breathable design
  • Enough room inside
CozyCabin Latest Style Comfortable Dog and Cat CarrierCozyCabin Pet Carrier Backpack Travel Bike Hiking Outdoor
  • Great buckle design
  • Perfect for going out with pets
  • Quality materials
Texsens Canvas Pet BackpackTexsens Canvas Transparent and Breathable Capsule Portable Pet Backpack
  • Light-weight
  • Semi-sphere window
  • Multi-color item
Petsfit Soft Pet BackpackPetsfit Soft Pet Backpack Carrier for Hiking
  • Comfortable item
  • Nice entrance solution
  • Good ventilation system
Pet Gear I-GO2 Roller Backpack for Cats and DogsPet Gear I-GO2 Roller Backpack, Travel Carrier, Car Seat for Cats
  • Roller backpack
  • Car seat for cats
  • Adjustable room
KritterWorld Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Dogs and CatsKritterWorld Pet Carrier Backpack for Cats, Kittens Up to 7lbs, Comfort Mesh, Blue
  • Already built-in collar buckle
  • Easy to clean item
  • Pet travel bowl for free
PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Cats and DogsPetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Cats
  • Pretty safe item
  • Very comfortable and breathable item
  • Extremely good construction

7 Things you definitely need to know before you buy your Cat Backpack Carrier

As usual, we’ll put on the table each solution we hear about improving our kittens’ lives. One of those cat’s crucial stories is the one about carrying them uphill, somewhere in the wild nature. When they can be very tired.

And then is absolutely great to have some of these items. But does everybody have a need for such maintenance?

We’ll do this not simple at all jobs for you. Here are the top advice and reminders on those things you should know before you click the buy button!

How far should you carry your cats?

Maybe the better question would be “Do you actually need to carry her majesty”, but sometimes it is just a must-have item. So, if your cat has some disease or any other problem with her health, don’t hesitate anymore, buy it immediately, for God’s sake!

The next problem is the distance. If you are keen on walking or other sporty activities in nature, your cat would be more comfortable in one of these items, for sure.

But if your distances aren’t too big and very demanding, it would be ok to reconsider your Cat Backpack Carrier cash splashing! The landscape could stay nice and pretty, even if your cat is in something cheaper.

If you are planning some hiking on the short distances, or something more extreme, then it would be great to have some of those items. Or at least, don’t force your cats, because they aren’t goats. Even though they are sometimes stubborn as goats!

Do you need decent weather protection for your cats?

We are all sensitive when we talk about the health of our pets. It’s completely normal to worry about it. To want to protect our pets from rain, wind, strong sun, or some other weather conditions is justified.

So if you are eager to do it with these items, we’ll support your idea! But, you should be careful. They need their privacy and their wild hours, and it wouldn’t be anything apocalyptic if your cat feels the rain on her fur.

Generally observing, it is good to have the Cat Backpack Carrier if you are afraid of your kitty’s health looking through the eyes of a person who have respect to weather conditions and your cat’s habits.

But our advice stays the same – Don’t hike with your cat if the weather is awful. She’ll be more comfortable where it is dry and warm.

Your cat could become a pretty lazy creature

Yes, we love it when our little predators are cuddle, but that sometimes could be very tricky. Our best pals can easily become spoiled.

If you have that super magic to recognize where is the edge between those cat’s characteristic features then you are probably the best cat owner in the world.

So, if you want to make it easy for your meow population, be free to buy this thing and carry them around.

You want to buy it but you’re still unsure if cats will love this?

Well, there is no such guarantee! It’s always good to train your pets to love all the things that make your everyday life easier. Of course, it’s best when cats are young to get used to such products.

If you have on your mind something like long-distance walking or hiking with kitties, then you’ll need this! Of course, you should be patient, cats usually hesitate to jump into this nice product at first sight.

But you always can buy some cheaper Cat Backpack Carrier for them. If you notice your cat adores it, then you should purchase even larger or better-designed backpack carriers.

How your cat will react to the closed space?

Just like us, our cats aren’t so cool in the tight and closed space. Even if sometimes is much easier to put their fury bodies in the backpack carrier and move them from spot A to spot B.

If you already have noticed they are a little bit claustrophobic, then you simply can’t help them with these items.

But if your kitty is casual little sleeper who appreciate the naps, then purchasing this item would be the perfect gift for them! And yes, they will use it whenever it is possible, and they surely won’t wait for journeys.

Not sure because your pets from the past disliked Backpacks

It was weird when we’ve realized that many cat owners aren’t sure about this item because of a bad experience in the past.

That is a silly argument. If one of your cats, 20 years ago, refused it, that doesn’t mean your new cat will react in the same manner.

Try to train your cat for this type of transport, she will adore some of new Cat Backpack Carriers. There are so much new great solutions those items are offering.

Now, let’s take a look at what we selected as the best Cat Backpack Carriers your cat will adore!

The 8 Best Cat Backpack Carriers on the market

1. Giantex Astronaut Breathable Travel Capsule Backpack

Giantex Astronaut Cat Backpack

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Here is one of the best-designed backpack carriers you could find. This great case will do its job to keep your little predator and you engaged for a whole trip!

It is always funny to see how your cat is just like a real astronaut, and this item allows it! What is stunning, your cat will have a better view on the landscapes during the walks than you could ever have!

Now your cat can travel with you wherever you want to go. It’s completely adequate for everyday use, you can carry your kitty to the vet or somewhere outside with your family.

Tiny predators will be very comfortable in this Cat Backpack Carrier. If you are afraid because of breathing issues your pet can feel here, calm down. There is a lot of space and nine big air holes with meshes on them, so your cat will feel just like in the air spa!

This great product is made of quality fabrics, and it is extremely scratch-resistant, so we can say that Giantex Astronaut Pet Cat Dog Puppy Carrier Travel Bag Space Capsule Backpack Breathable is set to last very long.

This fabulous item is available in different colors, so you can design a cat’s surrounding in five different ways.

Another very important thing you should have in mind is that this Backpack Carrier is pretty light and easy to wear. The manufacturers were cautious, they were equally attentive to the comfort of our cats, as well as to the comfort of people!


  • Perfect item for indoor cats – those cats which like to look outside need this!
  • Funny way to carry your cat – Is she pretending to be an astronaut?
  • Great functionality – not too heavy and easy for use


  • Not many, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to put an additional blanket inside!

Bottom line

It is hard to ask for more than this item offers! If you have long walks high on your priority list, you just need it. It is a great product for those who want only the best for their furry comrades. Your cat will be satisfied here, for sure.

2. Pettom Pet Rolling Carrier Backpack Dog Wheel Around Cat Luggage Bag Pet Travel Carrier

Pettom Pet Rolling Cat Carrier Backpack

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For those who like standard Backpacks, this item will be a great addition to their stuff! This great thing can become a suitcase, also! There are some fancy rollers, so you’ll be able to carry your little friend just like your regular package.

Its load capacity isn’t too big, so you must know that this Cat Backpack Carrier is created for one adult cat, or for the kittens. But, one kitty will have a lot of space for itself.

When we are talking about pets viewing, the manufacturers were very thorough, so here you can see the mesh on three sides. That’s the guarantee of comfort and your cat will be in totally breathable surroundings!

The suitcase look will fit perfectly for your Airline Carry on travel. This doesn’t mean your cat needs this item just for a plane, you can purchase it for any other type of journeys and your cat will adore it.

You’ll like this crazy bag because of its multi-stage telescopic carrier handle, which can be easily extended for your walking moments.

If you are unsure of the cat’s security in there when you open the backpack, just use this latch to hook the kitty’s collar, and she/he will stay happy wherever you want.


  • Ideal for your plane flights with the kitties – it even looks like a suitcase
  • Extremely comfortable and breathable design – check out those meshes around!
  • Enough room inside – no matter how big your cat is, she will be comfortable inside.


  • Not many, but some of the customers think that the dividing band in this backpack is often useless.

Bottom line

Pettom Pet Rolling Carrier Backpack Dog Wheel Around Cat Luggage Bag Pet Travel Carrier is something you should have if you are flying often.

This can really make it much easier for your pets. In cars, your cat will always have its own seat, and this product is ideal for those people who like long walks or living in the crowded parts of cities!

3. CozyCabin Pet Carrier Backpack Travel Bike Hiking Outdoor

CozyCabin Latest Style Comfortable Dog and Cat Carrier

Check on Amazon →

In front of you, we have another simple Backpack Carrier, ideal for your cats! This is one of those items where your cat can always have the wind in their hair because it has a very nice neck hole.

Like other Cat Backpack Carriers, this thing makes your adventures more comfortable for you and your kitties.

You can buy it in different colors and sizes, but this one product is originally made for smaller pets. That means your cat will be cool there, as she can find a lot of space here.

If you are searching for some convenient carrier to go out of the house, your cat will be definitely satisfied with it. And we can say the same for the long rides or some walking tours.

This item has an adjustable front hole with drawstring, so your kitty will not have a need to swim inside or to dive into their Backpack Carrier.

Rest assured these fabrics are really good. You’ll find quality here, sandwich mesh, and very, very soft, and adjustable shoulder straps to carry this product easily.


  • Great buckle design – just connect it with your cat’s collar
  • Perfect for going out with pets – stay engaged with your meow pal even during store shopping
  • Quality materials – breathable area and very soft fabrics


  • Possible dimension issues – their medium size item isn’t much larger than the smallest one

Bottom line

The producer of this Cat Backpack Carrier offers different sizes of this product, so you can easily choose one which will be big enough for your cat. If you are looking for just a great kitty-carrying solution, then you have what you were looking for.

Simple, easy to use, and nicely designed!

4. Texsens Canvas Transparent and Breathable Capsule Portable Pet Backpack

Texsens Canvas Transparent and Breathable Capsule Portable Pet Backpack

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Although we thought our cats would look weird in this product, they really liked them very much. Even the biggest cat will be totally comfortable here, so we can say that here you’ll find a lot of space, for sure.

Have on mind this item is made of canvas, and this kind of material is very breathable. There are four holes in the front, and the whole lower part of the product is mesh. Oh, yes, there are some very nice pockets on both sides.

Wait until you hear this! There is a semi-sphere window, and your cat can now get the best available sight views! If you want to activate this option, your cat will have three additional holes and a king’s view!

This semi-sphere window is an awesome thing, you can switch it to mesh panel or remove it for the kittens.

Those shoulder straps are pretty comfortable, so you won’t have any issues with the weight of this product.

One of the most important and easy to use thing is this good old zipper. Just use it to put your tiny friend inside and pick him up from this backpack carrier very easy.


  • Light-weight – ideal item for journeys
  • Semi-sphere window – it offers different convenient solutions
  • Multi-color item – they thought about the gender of our kitties


  • Durability issues – some of the consumers have a different experience with their endurance.

Bottom line

Texsens Canvas Transparent and Breathable Capsule Portable Pet Backpack for Spring Outing definitely should be considered as one of the best Cat Backpack Carriers. It has a very nice design, some awesome functions, and a great semi-sphere window.

If you calculate in really good fabrics, then we are definitely talking about something that’s above average!

5. Petsfit Soft Pet Backpack Carrier for Hiking

Petsfit Soft Pet Backpack

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If you compare the price, reviewer’s rates and the quality, this item is definitely one of the best on the market. One of those products which really has a lot of room inside and you can be sure your cat will love this Backpack Carrier.

The good ventilation system is included, also, so you don’t have any reason to be afraid if your cat will feel claustrophobic or not while spending its time in this mobile house.

The comfort isn’t the only thing your cat will like here. She’ll be completely safe inside, as the producers made a leash to attach the collar for pets. Your cat will stay with you, no doubt!

It has oxford cloth fabrics, polyester lining, and hexagonal mesh. Of course, there are the metal slider and nylon teeth on the zipper, which can be a durability warranty!

The producers swear that all materials are not harmful to pets, and we have no arguments to overthrow such claims.

There are some padded straps and chest straps, very comfortable to carry, even for those people who are a bit bigger.


  • Comfortable item – for us and for our kitties
  • Nice entrance solution – front and top separate entryways quick and easy
  • Good ventilation system – your cat will breathe like in the forest!


  • Pretty firm frame – simply, it’s not really made for air travel

Bottom line

We can highly recommend this item to anyone who wants to have an additional mobile cat’s home. There is a lot of space inside and you can use it almost wherever you go.

But because of its gauges, you can’t use it in the plane or some other vehicles where your space is limited. Caution: If you try it once, you’ll have it forever!

6. Pet Gear I-GO2 Roller Backpack, Travel Carrier, Car Seat for Cats

Pet Gear I-GO2 Roller Backpack for Cats and Dogs

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This is the pure multi-practice item every cat owner should have! There are five products in one: you get carrier, car seat, backpack, roller bag and tote! In one box.

Your kitty will be always safe, as the producers of this product made really fancy tether, which can be easily attached to your cat. Feel free to carry your cat wherever you want and to open this fantastic thing when you want.

Pet Gear I-GO2 Roller Backpack, Travel Carrier, Car Seat for Cats easily becomes a suitcase for your journeys – you can use this telescopic handle and just roll out your pet’s mobile home.

Space in there is adjustable, so you can provide more space thanks to two side pouches. But, literally, your cat will be very comfortable there without this additional solution.

This item is perfect for your car rides, also. So, if you just want to lay down this crazy thing, you can get the car seat for a cat in just a few seconds.

We especially appreciate the wheels, because your cat’s mobile house sometimes can be very heavy, and now you can roll it through the city jam or just use it like a suitcase while you are traveling.


  • Roller backpack – save your back, roll it.
  • Car seat for cats – you’ll get another decent solution for traveling with pets.
  • Adjustable room – get additional space easily!


  • There are no big issues about this item, but it could have a shorter life span if used often.

Bottom line

For those who travel a lot with their pets using different transport modes, this item will be something really great. Your kitty will have enough room for itself, and you can easily combine carrying and rolling of this magnificent product!


7. KritterWorld Pet Carrier Backpack for Cats, Kittens Up to 7lbs, Comfort Mesh, Blue

KritterWorld Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Dogs and Cats

Check on Amazon →

Great old Backpack Carrier design, similar to the school backpacks we used to have in childhood. This is something that everyone will like because of its great functionality.

The product we are writing about is great for a walk, traveling, hiking, or cycling. It helps your kitty stay engaged with you during your outdoor activities.

You’ll get easily washable materials, which are resistant to bites and abrasion. Your small kittens will adore this Backpack Carrier because of its softness.

The producers are offering the pet travel bowl with this item for the same money, which is fair enough and can be very helpful sometimes. Everything you need is just to collapse it to this Cat Backpack Carrier.

There are adjustable padded straps, which makes this item even better, and your upper body will appreciate it!

We like to say that simplicity is a great thing. So, you’ll find a complete and a great solution in the front and at the top of this item- a mesh. Breathable area and easy to reach view will be a great thing for you meow pals!


  • Already built-in collar buckle – your pet won’t escape!
  • Easy to clean item – there is a removable fleece bed.
  • Pet travel bowl for free – you’ll know how to use it.


  • Not good for bigger cats – up to 7 lbs. predators only!

Bottom line

This old school design is easy to carry and easy to use. It has an almighty zipper and adjustable straps, which are always mainstream!

You’ll wash it very easily, and there are both sided bottle holders for those who like cycling, hiking, and similar activities to do with pets. Low price and why not buy it?

8. PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Cats

PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Cats and Dogs

Check on Amazon →

This crazy thing can fly! It has everything one cat owner should have for long journeys and some outdoor activities.

There are great safety features to protect your cat inside this item, but the most important thing you’ll fall in love immediately is the comfort.

It has a nice design and you won’t feel anything on your backs while you are hiking, walking or traveling somewhere with it.

There are two side entries your cat can use for easy access, also. Her visibility will be at the best because of this zip-up mesh window, which is an extremely good addition to this nice Backpack.

When your kitty is inside, she’ll be able to nap on this very nice bedding and there is so much free room for moving around and exploring!

You’ll find that the shoulder and back straps, which are equipped with some nice padding, for extra comfort and safety feeling during the journeys and other activities.

This product is available in nine different colors, so you will almost certainly find something that would be perfect for your outfit.

There is a collapsible pet bowl included, also, so you don’t need to worry about feeding your cat while you are doing what you usually do while traveling!


  • Pretty safe item – reinforced structure is set to prevent!
  • Very comfortable and breathable item – there is enough room for your princess!
  • Extremely good construction – high-grade polyester will do its job!


  • Almost none, the sturdiness could be an issue sometimes

Bottom line

PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Cats isn’t the product you’ll use once or twice. This thing is made to be almost indestructible.

It is very comfortable and easy to carry. Even the producers wrote that this thing is made for one adult cat, you are able to carry one adult predator with its kittens or even two adults at the same time.

How to settle your cat in the Cat Backpack Carrier properly?

When we are searching for the Cat Backpack Carrier to buy, often we just don’t think about the way our cats will learn how to enjoy this item. Sometimes, it can be very stressful, especially when you should go for travel or you just need to have your kitty near you.

The myths about obedient cats often sound like fairy tales. Sometimes, they just will not behave the way we would like to, and we get used to it. But there are some situations when we have to learn them quickly a few tricks. We need to think of a ruse to get them inside!

Ok, your kitty has a problem with the Backpack Carrier. She’s afraid of it in some way and she just does not want to get in there. Follow this advises and your cat will adore your Cat Backpack Carrier!

– Like everything else, your kitty will learn faster if she’s a kitten, or you’ve carried here before in there.

– If your pet is still in the kittenhood, just play with her in the Carrier, she needs to know that this item isn’t the worst spot on the planet! Then you’ll be sure she has no problems with it.

– You’ve adopted a cat and she is an adult already – try to feed her several times somewhere near the Backpack Carrier before you decide to travel with her. When the time comes for your joint journey, feed her inside the Carrier and she’ll felt warm and comfort to spend her time there!

– If you have a kitty for a while, but she has never used this item before, then be free to put some cat’s favorite accessories inside the Carrier. Try to spend more time with this item outside and give your kitty award every time she comes in.

– Cats will prefer their backpacks if they do not have any problems when entering and leaving them. Make sure they do not rush anything inside, feel comfortable, and have enough room to turn around inside.

– It’s important to remember that the backpack is not their mobile toilet. That’s why it’s good to take short breaks and let your pets out of backpack during long stroll or hiking.

– If they don’t feel comfortable enough in their Cat Backpack Carrier, try to ensure them more space.

– It is always nice for you to have one of those Backpack Carriers with wheels, they can be very helpful!

What’s the difference? Cat Backpack Carriers vs. Regular Cat Bag

The first one will never exclude the importance of the second one! The Cat Bag is one of the most important cat’s stuff people ever made. They are easy to use, often they are easier to wash than the Backpack Carriers, and they can be way smaller.

But if are talking about travel comfort, then the winner will be the Backpack Carrier, because of its mobility and because they are easier to carry. Let’s compare these two things!

Cat Bags

These items can be very helpful while you are on wheels, but they aren’t perfect for walking, hiking, or cycling. But let’s see some of their characteristics:

  • This is very good for tiny cats or kittens.
  • Your pets will always be near you, you can even feed them by hand.
  • This item is really good for cars and your family journeys.
  • This type of cat’s bag is great for short-distance trips.
  • A great thing for your cat’s free time. Ideal for sleeping and napping, even when you aren’t traveling.
  • Exceptionally comfortable, often it’s spacious enough to hold pets up to 60 or 70 pounds.
  • They are often a substitute for a Cat Bed.
  • They can sometimes be a substitute even for Cat Litter Boxes.
  • You can easily carry them wherever you want.
  • There are some issues when you are active with them.
  • Can be very heavy to carry them.

Cat Backpack Carriers

We are talking about two similar products, but the Cat Backpack Carriers are easier for long rides and outdoor activities. Just try to imagine the long walks without the shoulder straps! There are advantages:

  • Ideal for cat’s moments in the plane or car
  • Easy to use and easy to wash
  • Often has a shorter lifetime than the standard Cat Bag
  • Perfect item for those who like walking, cycling or hiking with pets
  • Often has more adjustable strips
  • Those products are more comfortable to wear them
  • There are some Cat Backpack Carriers with wheels, what’s often cooler than anything, especially if you are tired of your “cargo” gets heavy
  • Often offers a great view for your kitties, much better than a view from regular bags
  • Some of the Backpack Carriers can easily become car seats
  • Almost each Cat Backpack Carrier has a finer design
  • Our cats usually have less space in there
  • These products are easier to pack and remove, as they are usually not so bulky and heavy.

Our reasons for choosing our best Cat Backpack Carrier Ideal For Travel

Here described the Best Cat Backpack Carrier Ideal for Travel we’ve selected as a mix of different types of reasons. Our first impression was dedicated to the item’s quality. Then we’ve considered customers’ reviews and how effective some kind Cat Backpack Carrier for the kittens is in the travel situation.

Of course, we were interested in many other things, such as how this product can affect the quality of our favorite pet’s life. Naturally, how this affects our quality of life is also considered.

We also wrote about the prices, the shape of these items, the dimensions, our cat’s comfort, and many other important factors.

If we did help you, then our mission is completed here. We would be happy if you learned something new about the best Cat Backpack Carrier Ideal for Travel, which is available on the web.

It doesn’t matter if you already have your favorite Cat Backpack Carrier or not, we’ll be satisfied if you only consider for now about the items from our list!

As usual, we’d love to hear from you and we welcome your comments and suggestio.ns


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