6 Best Cat Grooming Brushes Your Cat Won’t Stay Away From

Best Cat Grooming Brush

Whether you have a kitten or an older cat, getting the best cat grooming brushes should be mandatory for any household.

Over time, cats lose their hair. This happens because the cats’ hair tends to change its fur volume regularly.

Any hair residue could potentially be a health hazard. Luckily, in the following article, we will inform you about all the necessary steps and essentials needed to keep your pet cat healthy.

Grooming brushes represent a necessity for a cat’s health. Our pick for the best brush goes to DakPets Deshedding Brush a brush that reaches your cat’s undercoat and removes loose hair and prevents shedding!

Approaching some of the key points in best cat grooming brushes, we will be picking the best products, talk about important precautions, and comparing strong points between best cat grooming brushes as well as best cat grooming combs.

In a hurry? Here is our top pick:

DakPets Deshedding Brush

DakPets Deshedding Brush

This brush is ideal for any type of cat breed, long or short-haired.

It features a detachable design, ergonomic handle, and stainless-steel comb, and it brushes your cat’s undercoat and, in that way, reduces the shedding!

The price of this item is much more wallet-friendly compared to other products with similar features.


  • Reduces shedding
  • Quality construction
  • Safe blade cover

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Before you buy: 3 things to consider before buying cat grooming brushes

1. Types of Cat’s fur coats

Firstly, you need to understand a few things when it comes down to short-haired versus long-haired cats. Whichever the case is, you need to keep an optimal level of cat’s cleanliness.

Brushing her just once a week is not going to be enough. A lot can happen in a week, from injuries to catching any illnesses up to eating something bad.

Grooming isn’t simply brushing your cat. It is a method to spend time with your cat and inspect her from ears to tail up to toes.

This should be done every day or at least every other day to keep optimal health levels and find dangers immediately.

Secondly, when it comes down to grooming, a selection or a variety of the best cat grooming brushes should be applied.

This includes scissors, brushes, combs, vibrating machines, electric devices and so on.

Optimally, with short-haired cats brushing at least every other day, whilst long-haired cats need to be brushed every day.

Moreover, if your cats spend time outdoors for most of their daily routine, brushing each day should, of course, be mandatory!

Lastly, you should pick a time for brushing when your cat feels relaxed to do it quickly, although we do recommend that you take your time with this as it helps the cat’s health.

Time-wise it could take anything between five minutes up to thirty minutes. However, the key point here is to frequently brush your cat.

2. Differences between grooming short-haired, medium-haired and long-haired cats

Longer the hair, more job it requires. However, that shouldn’t prevent you from putting as much time into grooming and massaging your short-haired cat, either.

Luckily, we’ve gathered a bit of data to help you sort this thing out!

Short-haired cats

Short-haired cats will love to have longer massaging sessions and bonding with their owner, so a couple of silicone-based or even plastic combs would do the trick here.

However, even though your cat tends to be short-haired one, that doesn’t make it less tedious to clean all hair residue.

Short-Haired cats can tend to put up more hair residue than their medium-haired or longer-haired cousins.

Medium-haired cats

With medium-haired felines, the key point is to know how to approach them and from which side to start the grooming process to prevent any potential pain.

Cats feel pain if you groom them in the opposite direction of how their natural hair grows, so pay attention to the hair growth direction to get an idea.

Cats with fur that’s medium-haired will tend to have small curls that will tangle up, as well as possible mats.

This is why detanglers and dematting tools work splendidly with medium-haired cats and their fur.

Long-haired cats

Finally, when dealing with cats with long-haired fur and coats, you need to pay attention to every detail on their bodies to find out different areas to comb and groom.

Although cats with longer hair tend to leave less hair residue, their hair can tend to get rather convoluted in left untended over even a couple of days.

This is why it is extremely important to always properly groom your cat’s longer-haired fur coat to avoid any difficulties later or even having to use scissors to cut some of their hair, which is always a bad idea.


Ultimately, whatever you choose to do, always remember that you have the option to pay a visit to a professional pet groomer anytime who will give you specific tips for your specific cat.

Although most veterinarians will do a similar job, a pet groomer is usually better equipped to work all things style-wise with you and make a rockstar out of your pet cat.

3. Why is pet grooming important?

Cat’s Hygiene and Health

Your cats are born as natural hunters, almost constantly chasing whatever captures their attention. Whatever can become their prey, be it indoors or outdoors.

When they are indoors anything from a cat toy to a spot on the wall can become their target.

However, they will usually prefer to spend some time outdoors to hunt since there will be more places to hide.

In both scenarios, they will get dirty by collecting dust and dirt, which is what cat owners should be concerned about the most.

Although cats tend to keep a solid cleaning pace as they are proficient in cleaning themselves with their tongue, as well as protecting their fur with feline saliva, they still need a human touch in the form of grooming.

And for this, choosing the best cat grooming brushes should be mandatory.

The grooming process increases their overall health and will provide them with much-needed protection. How is that so?

Grooming benefits everyone

Well, grooming helps with removing dead skin and hair residue off your cat, thus eliminating risks of catching any bacteria or parasites that linger on.

Such parasites or bacteria can be transferred to either your pet cat, you or your home environment without you even noticing until it’s too late.

However, short-haired cats tend to lose hair more often than their longer-haired cousins.

Whichever the case of your feline pet is, we are presenting you with a selection of best cat grooming brushes you can find on the market.

In case you are still not convinced, let’s see why grooming your cats is important and always recommended by veterinarians.

Cat’s temperature regulation

Unsurprisingly, cats are very sensitive animals. They can be extremely vulnerable to any temperature misbalances or sudden changes.

Ideally, they tend not to get near the water and will tend to avoid water altogether. Funnily, even a few drops make them uneasy in most cases.

However, their biology allows them to have thicker and longer fur coats during the winter period and shorter fur during the summer period in order to compensate for differences in temperature.

Your cats need to be properly groomed because it helps with their body heat and temperature regulation the most.

Avoiding cat’s hair in their stomach

Importantly, it helps them to clean themselves easier and without getting much hair into their organisms.

Unavoidably, cats tend to pick up hair residue and other forms of dirt speckles, bacteria, and viruses whenever they start licking their fur.

This is why it is recommended to brush your cat at least once or twice a week as it increases their immunity.

Furthermore, you will be protecting yourself from any hair and lingering dander or similar allergen-rich floating residue that your cat tends to leave behind.

Finally, grooming your cat with the best cat hair grooming tools should mitigate this issue greatly and help both you and your pet cat to lead a healthier and carefree daily life.

Proper nutrition helps with cat’s grooming process

Cats tend to get dirty a lot daily. This happens whenever they play around or simply jump from place to place. And the other time they spend cleaning themselves up for the same reason.

This makes their fur to bristle up. However, you could help out your cat to have shiny fur by adding some nutritional supplements and using them in combination with the best cat hair grooming brushes available on the market.

Vitamins increase cat’s health immunity during transitions between cold and warm seasons, during which catching cold occurs more frequently.

Aside from picking the best cat grooming brushes to make cat fur coat shiny, you could always try with different nutritional methods.

Foods rich in fatty acids, notably omega-6 fatty acids tend to help with the skin irritation as well as increase coat’s overall health.

Omega-6 fatty acids should be given in contrast to omega-3 fatty acids to get the best possible balance.

However, to get the best results possible always consult your local veterinarian, especially the one who already knows your cat’s medical history.

A good combination of proper grooming and pet nutrition will eventually show results and you will be proud to show your cat to family and friends alike.

Cat’s hair during warmer seasons of the year

Warmer months are a time when your pet cat leaves behind a lot of hair residue. A season transition from spring to summer is exactly the period when this occurs.

Cats will usually spend a lot of time picking up hair residue with their tongue, and during this time it is especially important to help them not to ingest a lot of hair.

This is a particularly dangerous period when cats need the utmost attention, especially in terms of grooming and proper care.

Why does this happen? As warmer days become more frequent and fluctuations in temperature rise, your cat will start losing a lot of hair which is a natural and cyclic process for almost all feline species.

This happens because cats do not need to maintain a lot of energy to preserve body heat during warmer days, and summertime is the most suitable period for cats to start hunting during nights.

As you already may notice, this period proves to be exactly the time to take care of your feline the most! Anything could happen, from small injuries to bug bites and other events, so being vigilant is a must.

The period between spring and summer is the ideal time to get tick problems, so make sure that you groom your cat on an everyday basis as constant inspection severely reduces the chances for parasites to take advantage of your cat’s playfulness.

It is mandatory to properly groom your cat before summertime comes. This is where different types of best cat grooming brushes come into play!

Quick summary

DakPets Deshedding BrushDakPets Deshedding Brush
  • Reduces shedding
  • Quality construction
  • Safe blade cover
FURminator Short or LongFURminator Short or Long Hair deShedding Tool for
  • Easy to use
  • Self-cleaning eject button
  • Reduces shedding
GoPets Dematting CombGoPets Dematting Comb
  • Great for both dematting and deshedding
  • Comfortable for use
  • Professional quality
Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker BrushHertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Easily removes loose hairs
  • Removes mats and small tangles
Catit Senses 2.0 Self Groomer Cat ToyCatit Senses 2.0 Self Groomer Cat Toy
  • Removes loose hair, dander, and dirt
  • You just have to mount it
  • Easy to use and clean
Pet Grooming GloveDelomo Pet Grooming Glove
  • Soft rubber tips
  • Eco-friendly
  • Five finger design


Types of grooming brushes

Cats are one of the most beloved domestic animals to many households worldwide.

So understandably, there is a huge industry that follows all their needs. From food, treats up to special hygienic tools and even clothes.

However, we are here to talk about the best pet hair grooming options available to you. Grooming has its industry and offers a lot of products on the market.

These sorts of products tend to oversaturate the market in terms of variety. So picking the right type of grooming brush can become a real headache!

Which to choose? What size? What would be the best one to pick from?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you find this out!

To help you out, we’ve sorted the types of best cat grooming brushes which also tend to be the most common ones used by a variety of pet owners and industry leaders worldwide. They are represented as follows:

Deshedding cat hair brushes

If your cat has a thick fur which tends to comb up a lot, deshedding brushes are the ideal tool to help you out!

These types of deshedding brushes are made so that they reach deeply under the cat’s fur and remove any hair residue or hair that’s about to fall.

There are several variants of the deshedding brushes available on the market, so pick one that suits your needs.

Handles can be either plastic, wooden or metal. However, the important thing is to pay attention to the durability of said brushes as they can become obsolete rather quickly if left untended.

They also work wonderfully when paired with de-matting brushes.

Dematting cat hair brushes

Among the bestselling brushes, the de-matting ones are commonly used to remove mats from the cat’s fur. Ideal for any cat with medium-haired to long-haired fur.

These sorts of brushes have a specific set of metallic teeth that can go deep and to the skin. Then pull out all excess hair residue as well as hair that’s supposed to fall off.

By doing this, you will inevitably allow better hair to grow and any sort of mats will quickly disappear with just a few gentle swipes. However, if you are unsure how to use these, do not worry.

Sometimes it’s better to leave it all to a professional pet groomer who specializes in these sorts of activities. If you are concerned about not spending too much money on a cat brush, there is a variety of silicone-based ones, too!

Multi-use silicone-based cat hair brushes

Given that the market is oversaturated with a huge variety of cat brushes, in recent years silicone-based hairbrushes have seen a rise as they allow more flexibility and ease of use.

These brushes are available in various shapes and colors. They are made out of materials that won’t cut or hurt your pet cat in any way.

However, their uses are limited since they tend not to reach deep nor can be used for dematting or deshedding in the vein of specific tools used by professionals.

They are best used on cats with short-haired fur coats as well as for massaging cats with longer fur after they’ve been properly groomed.

These sorts of multi-use cat brushes are best used when you are traveling with a cat or when your cat has really sensitive skin or any sort of inflammation.

However, some cats have extra-sensitive skin where silicone-based may cause skin irritation, in which case it is better to use a rubber-based cat hairbrush instead.

Rubber-based cat hair brushes

Given that your cat has very sensitive skin that needs extra care and even some massage, look no further than the market’s best rubber cat hairbrushes!

Indeed, these sorts of brushes can be used both personally and professionally.

They are used to effectively groom and massage your cat’s sensitive skin due to a nub pattern that is spread throughout the entire surface.

They can be used for both short-haired and long-haired cats effectively, but it isn’t the best option for deshedding and dematting more complicated coats.

These are especially good to relax your cat. Rubber-based cat hair brushes can come either in the form of a brush or as a glove.

Glove-based cat hair brushes

The glove based cat hair brushes tend to be hygienic and can protect your hands from any sort of bacteria or even lice and fleas.

They are excellent to use daily next to other brushes at your disposal.

These sorts of glove-based cat hair brushes can have pins either made of silicone or rubber or rarely made of metal.

They are ideal to massage and relax your pet cat as well as take out any excess hair residue after thorough dematting or deshedding sessions with more specific cat hair brush tools, some of which have the self-cleaning ability!

Self-Cleaning Cat Hair Brushes

Next to a variety of brushes come even extremely practical self-cleaning ones.

These brushes allow the possibility to adjust the length of teeth or pins as well as different methods of grooming used, and all of that at a press of a button!

They can be used effectively both for dematting, decombing, deshedding, massaging, detangling as well as cleaning all hair residue with a simple press of a button.

Once you press it, pins will submerge and allow easy hair removal.

Although these are often highly practical and useful, their price tends to be a bit higher and can be harder to come by due to their rarity.

When picking brushes sometimes it’s better to have a few simple ones instead of one that does things which you may not need to have at all.

Picking the right size and proper practical tool is necessary, but please make sure that you understand whether you need a multi-tool or not.

Self-grooming arches and scratchers

In the world of cat toys, there are a lot of self-used cat grooming devices that collect hair whenever the cat passes through.

They are made with a material that collects hair and cats can easily fin through and get scratched on their back and their sides.

However, the belly area remains untouched so this should be used only as an optional scratcher and brush for when you don’t have a lot of time or when your cat starts a hair loss season during warmer days of June and July.

Their lower mat allows for scratching, so it is a multi-tool for cats to tend for themselves.

Cleaning this sort of brush can be a bit messy. still, they are cheap and easy to replace.

They can come in variants with or without catnip or with attached toys for your cat to interact with.

Pet grooming combs

Most common of all grooming options for pets are specific combs that come in different spaced teeth depending upon the situation.

Most come in stainless steel options and there are various types and sizes available for any type of fur coat of your pet cat.

They can come either with a handle or with up to four different spaced teeth depending upon what you may need to keep your pet cat’s optimal hygiene levels.

Some high-quality combs found on the market are mandatorily coming with anti-static abilities as well as automatic and semi-automatic options, depending upon the model and price point.

Recently on the market, there was a rise in circular combs with catnip which allows your cat to relax as you comb her cat fur.

Some of these types can be even mounted on a wall so that your cat can comb herself up whenever she passes nearby.

They are easy to mount next to doors or any edge of a wall. Your cats will love it!

Electric clippers and professional pet grooming tools

Whenever you feel like taking it up to the next level, a viable choice of professional pet grooming tools is always there to choose from.

Next to many shavers available on the market, there are also clippers and cordless electric machines used to quickly take off any excess pet fur or residue hair left.

These are especially practical because they are efficient and can work on any sort of fur or hair problem, regardless of whether it’s common or not.

The downside of electric shavers and combs or clippers lies in a potential fear of buzzing that most cats have.

So if you are unsure how your cat would react you could always seek the professional help of a pet groomer who most probably has experience with these sorts of devices.

They can range from a simple comb up to whole sets of clippers, trimmers, shavers and electric scissors available to purchase.

They are defined by their longevity, practicality, material, and ease of use, so their price points can vary greatly. Always be sure that you are picking what you need.

Corner self-grooming cat hair brushes

If you are a busy person and often can’t spend even thirty minutes with your cat daily, you should opt for self-grooming corner brushes for cats.

They can be used with a variety of pins that could be mounted on a circular mold.

The mold then can be mounted either on a wall or on the floor depending upon where you want your cat to reach.

Cats are sensitive to their belly area so it’s better to keep the mold on the wall.

However, if you are sure that your cat will enjoy it you could always try to mount one on the floor, too.

Most of the corner self-grooming cat hair brushes are made of plastic to reduce potential problems or accidents which may happen when you are not in the house.

These types of brushes are best used in a combination with other tools as they can’t help with completely removing or keeping your pet cat’s fur healthy and there will be places where it can’t reach or where the cat won’t scratch.

This is why they should be used as an optional or alternative method as a cat toy rather than a solution for combing your pet’s coat.

Stripper cat hair grooming brush

Strippers are specific tools with either rounded or pointed edges, which goes deep in the pet’s fur to specifically detangle coat and completely remove any loose hair. Especially useful if your cat has wired hair.

This is more of a professional tool that prepares the cat for an extra grooming session.

However, it is mandatory to use it before any other grooming method as it completely negates any sort of damage to either fur coat, skin or accidental strip of pet hair which could seriously injure your dear pet cat.

These sorts of brushes often come with rounded edges for the sake of added safety during the decombing procedure.

The number of blades applied may vary, so picking the one for you should be something to consider.

With all these sorts of available best cat brushes there is one more thing to consider when buying and that is as follows:

Price perspective

Price obviously should be playing an important role when buying out different cat hair brushes.

Price points are determined upon brands, handle, novelty, practicality, technology, rarity, availability.

Please bear in mind that there are pet brushes that sell a particular brand or style rather than practicality.

So when picking up a particular tool sometimes even a simple and cheap silicone-based brush could serve you far better than an expensive one which costs more due to a brand or an elegant wooden handle.

However, if style and brand are something that matter for you, for the fun of it, go for it!

We consider that your pet needs proper care and taking enough time to buy out necessary pet hair brushes and tools which allow for a healthy pet coat to be present daily.

This is why our choices of best cat grooming brushes was not an easy job to do, but we are content that you will get all necessary brushes with mandatory options to choose from.


The 5 Best Cat Grooming Brushes of 2020

Your cat deserves the best and we’re here to help you sort it out and save a lot of time figuring out what you might need.

This is why we’ve gathered data from industry leaders and veterinarians to find out what would be the best cat grooming brush options available at the market.

1. DakPets Deshedding Brush

DakPets Deshedding Brush

Check on Amazon →

If you’re expecting something more from a brush – then DakPets Deshedding Brush is the brush for you!

This brush reaches deep into your cat’s undercoat to capture loose hair before it falls.

DakPets deshedding brush reduces shedding almost 100%, it reaches your cat’s undercoat and brushes away dead, unwanted hair without damaging her topcoat.

If used regularly you can check your cat’s skin and fur more often to make sure she is healthy – it protects your cat from skin allergies.

Also, it provides a sure way to help prevent molting and damaging the topcoat whilst promoting a soft, smooth, healthier cat skin and coat.

DakPets brush is suitable for cats with single and double coats.

This brush features a clip-on comb which can be attached and detached from the handle with just one click.

The brush is made from materials that feature a non-irritation heavy-duty replaceable stainless-steel comb, safe blade cover that protects the blades life span.

Durable rubber handle for a non-slip grip and a strong stem-handle that will not break. It’s a perfect grooming comb for cats.

We tested the DakPets Deshedding brush on our cats. And we have to say that we’re surprised at how effective, quick and clean it is in removing loose cats’ hair and undercoat, all the while giving our cats a shinier topcoat.

The size of the brush and its ergonomic handle are perfect and easy for handling and great for cats!

DakPets brush is a very popular choice, although it has some downsides as well. Some of the costumers complained that their cats disliked the brush.


  • Reduces shedding
  • Quality construction
  • Safe blade cover


  • Some cats disliked the brush’s teeth

Bottom Line

This brush is ideal for any type of cat breed, long or short-haired. It features a detachable design, ergonomic handle, and stainless-steel comb.

Moreover, it brushes your cat’s undercoat and, in that way, reduces the shedding!

The price of this item is much more wallet-friendly compared to other products with similar features.

2. FURminator Short or Long Hair deShedding Tool for

FURminator Short or Long

Check on Amazon →

Avoiding hairballs is one of the reasons we opt for cat brushes, one of the best brushes that can help you reduce those nasty hairballs is FURminator deShedding tool.

Brushing your cat with a deshedding brush can help remove loose hairs from your cat’s undercoat so she doesn’t ingest them during grooming.

It also comes with the added benefit of reduced shedding, so less clean-up for you!

This brush features a stainless-steel deShedding edge that gets deep into your cat’s undercoat to remove loose hairs. By doing this, it reduces shedding by a lot.

This brush is not only highly effective in removing hair, but it has an eject button that makes the hair fall from the brush into the trash easily.

Additionally, FURminator brush comes with an ergonomic handle for your comfort and easier use. It comes in two versions – for short and long-haired cats!

For better results, use the brush right after washing and drying your cat. Use it only on a completely dry coat.

FURminator deShedding products are designed to promote healthy skin and coat and reduce excess shedding.

When it comes to drawbacks, this cat deshedding brush only has one – price. Yes, it is, in fact, a very good brush, but come on, let’s not get carried away.


  • Easy to use
  • Self-cleaning eject button
  • Reduces shedding


  • Expensive

Bottom Line

If you disregard the price, then this brush is a perfect cat grooming brush!

It effectively removes a good amount of hair which is almost double compared to other hairbrushes.

With this brush, you can help your cat avoid hairballs and all that comes with them!

3. GoPets Dematting Comb

GoPets Dematting Comb

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Do you own a cat who is prone to matts and tangles? We have a solution for you. GoPets Dematting Comb – a tool that safely and effectively removes mats while brushing your cat’s fur!

This comb features sharp stainless-steel blades that safely cut through matted clumps of fur.

The blades have rounded ends to make sure that you don’t cut your cat’s skin while working through their coat.

One side of this comb features 12 widely-spaced teeth for working through tough mats and tangles while the other has 23 teeth spaced closely together for general grooming and deshedding.

This tool features an ergonomic comfort grip handle and it is guaranteed safe and gentle.

It’s filled with non-toxic silicone gel, similar to what’s used in medical implants, it’s safe and easy to hold.

With this comb, you can groom your cat at home in just minutes.

However, your cat’s fur may stick to the gel grip handle and it’s fairly expensive compared to other models.


  • Great for both dematting and deshedding
  • Comfortable for use
  • Professional quality


  • Fur may get stuck to the gel grip

Bottom Line

This GoPets comb offers professional quality all the while being easy and comfortable to use.

You can both keep your cat’s fur without matts and you can prevent shedding with this comb!

4. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

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If you own a medium to long-haired cats who need extra freshness, then this Hertzko slicker brush is the one for you.

This is the perfect brush to get all nasty mats out of your cat’s fur.

Hertzkos Slicker Brush gently removes loose hair and eliminates tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt.

By using this brush you can get rid of matts without hurting your cat.

The bristles are fine bent wires designed to penetrate deep into the coat and can groom the undercoat well without scratching your cat’s skin. When used regularly, this kind of brush can help to prevent matting.

This brush is easy to clean, simply click the button and the bristles retract back into the brush, making it super simple to remove all the hair from the brush, so it’s ready for the next time use.

During our testing, we found out that it worked well on both short-hair and long-hair cats, though one test cat with very fine fur disliked the needle-like pins against her skin.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Easily removes loose hairs
  • Removes mats and small tangles


  • Some cats dislike the feeling of pins against their skin

Bottom Line

This brush is comfortable, strong, and durable – specially designed with a comfort-grip and anti-slip handle, which prevents hand and wrist strain no matter how long you brush your cat!

5. Catit Senses 2.0 Self Groomer Cat Toy

Catit Senses 2.0 Self Groomer Cat Toy

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If your cat is an independent, self-efficient cat, she will love this grooming brush!

All you have to do is mount the brush on either flat wall or corner surfaces, with screws or the adhesive strips included in the packaging. And leave the rest of the work to your cat.

Cats love to groom themselves, and they spend a lot of time doing this. By giving them a tool that will help them with this process, you save yourself some time.

Self Groomer includes a durable brush with a catnip compartment, a holder, adhesive strips and Canadian catnip herb.

What’s the catnip for, you may ask? Well, if your cat needs a little extra incentive, add some catnip to the inner compartment and you’ll see your cat won’t stop grooming herself against this handy little item.

These cat brushes are typically made from soft rubber with flexible teeth and designed to remove dirt, dander, and loose hairs from your cat’s coat.

Additionally, curry combs give your cat a gentle massage, which helps stimulate the production of natural oils in your cat’s skin that helps keep his coat shiny and smooth.

The big plus to this product is that it’s easy to disassemble and clean. You just have to hand-wash the Self Groomer with natural soap (free of abrasive materials) and rinse thoroughly.

When it comes to drawback might be your cat’s disinterest in this brush. Some cats will try it and leave it without giving it a second thought!


  • Removes loose hair, dander, and dirt
  • You just have to mount it
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Some cats are just not interested

Bottom Line

This is a great product, cats enjoy the massaging action, and all you need to do is mount the brush on the wall!

6. Delomo Pet Grooming Glove

Pet Grooming Glove

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Cat hair remover gloves are an excellent way to remove cat hair from your cat as well as from your furniture and clothes.

Delomo Pet Grooming Glove will make your life significantly better and fur-free.

Taking care of your cat’s coat regularly is important for her overall health, as well as yours. This is why Delomo has made a glove that will make this job easier and more efficient.

These flexible, slip-on grooming gloves feature 255 silicone grooming tips, which mimic the touch of your hand for a soft and relaxing massage.

Additionally, these grooming gloves allow you to brush away dirt, dander and loose hair from cats.

More importantly, they help stimulate the healthy oils on their skin which can improve the softness and radiance of their coat.

Regardless of whether you have a long-haired or short-haired cat, these gloves are perfect for long, short and curly haired cats.

They will groom your cat’s hair quickly, gently and effectively. The shedding hair sticks to the glove, making it easy to peel and throw hair away.

What’s good about these gloves is that it features a five-finger design that allows you to groom hard-to-reach places like tail or face.

These gloves are eco-friendly, free from any materials which could cause skin damage.

Soft rubber ensures gentle massage and grooming without painful removing of fur or scratching your cat’s skin.

These gloves have an adjustable wrist strap for a comfortable fit. And if you decide to buy these grooming gloves you will get 2 blue DELOMO pet gloves, 1 left-hand and 1 right-hand!

The only downside to these grooming gloves is the fact that they come in one size only, which means that there are great chances that your hand won’t fit in it.


  • Soft rubber tips
  • Eco-friendly
  • Five finger design


  • One size only

Bottom Line

Cats are picky creatures. Some will love these grooming gloves, others will hate them. But you can’t ever go wrong with these gloves.

They are easy to clean and will give your cat a great massage and also clean its fur.

They are gentle on your cat’s skin thanks to soft rubber tips.

This glove not only helps reduce the amount of hair left behind on furniture, clothes or in the car but it can also help reduce allergens in the air for a cleaner, healthier breathing.

A comparison between best cat brushes and combs

cat combs and brushes

Some of the best cat grooming brushes can be overshadowed by some of the best cat grooming combs. However, it is purely case-specific.

Cat grooming brushes

The benefits of cat grooming brushes come from the ability to work on any type of cat fur coat regardless of the length.

The tips of the pins will usually have circular plastics, which will massage the skin.

This allows the cat’s hair to become shinier while still looking natural.

The best cat grooming brushes are usually used when there is a lot of messy hair that needs your utmost attention.


  • Best for long cat fur coat: If you have a cat with long hair, a grooming brush should be your number one pick.
  • Availability: You should be able to find these tools in virtually any pet store!
  • Price: The oversaturated market allows for better competitive prices.
  • Material: Most are made out of interior metal coated in silicone and plastic handle.
  • Sturdiness: They are made to last for a long time.


  • Size-specific: Grooming brushes are not the first choice for kittens and sensitive skin
  • Legs and feet could be a problem: Grooming brushes come with a handle, so grooming cat’s legs could prove to be hard
  • Usually very sharp: Unless they are coated with protective plastics on the tips, they are practically needles against your cat’s fur coat
  • Not the best for short-haired cat fur coat: Although they will do a job fine, there are better options for specifically shorter cat’s fur coat

Cat grooming combs

The benefits of cat grooming combs come from the ability to detangle any sort of tangles or curliness, which tends to happen a lot with cats with medium-sized and long-sized hair.

Furthermore, combs will naturally follow the cat’s hair growth and both you and your cat will enjoy in a situation where things go smoothly.

The best cat grooming combs are often used when you need to detangle or add some style to your cat’s coat.


  • Travel-friendly: Most combs can be easily carried around in a pocket!
  • Ergonomic: There are easy to use, pack safely and put away until next time.
  • Best to use against combed cat fur: There is no substitute for combed hair other than grooming combs
  • Different sizes to choose from: Different sizes for specific body areas to choose from
  • Kitten-friendly: They are bound not to hurt sensitive skin of your cat


  • Material: Usually not the top grade material is used in the production of cheaper ones
  • Electrostatic: They come with plastic options, which can induce electrostatic release
  • Not ideal for huge amounts of cat’s hair: Grooming combs are not most ideal when it comes down to huge amounts of cat’s hair
  • Availability: Not every pet store has them on-the-go

Ideally, you might want to have both of these tools, although if you are unsure you can’t really go wrong with either one.

Just remember that basically grooming combs are easy on the skin, whilst grooming brushes take away large amounts of hair.

How to properly brush a cat

Woman brushing her cat while it resting on carpet at home

More often than not, cat grooming tends to be a tricky business, especially if the cat wasn’t used to grooming. Luckily, there are a few easy steps to follow when choosing to groom a cat’s fur coat.

Preparation for cat grooming

Even if you want just to quickly groom your cat, doing so from a position that gives you an advantage is a good way to start.

Try having a special place like a table or a stool where you will place cat-only clothes that cat will be sitting or lying on.

This area should be nicely illuminated so that you can see what you are doing as well as inspecting the cat’s skin. Grooming your cat during the night is not really advisable.

Don’t forget to constantly keep your pet safe and make your pet cat feel safe. If you find that she might become angry or displeased, try giving her some sort of a treat she mostly enjoys.

Prior to starting any brushing, it is mandatory to examine your cat’s skin and see if there are any bumps, wounds or red areas on the skin which could be a potential skin irritation or worse.

  • Start grooming them from a young age: Adjusting your pet cat to the grooming process should be something you do from an early age. This is by far the best method to get them to like it and enjoy all sorts of grooming and in all areas of their body.Moreover, this allows for a bigger and better bond with the cat as they will learn to trust you during any other such situation that requires your intervention.
  • Give them treats after successful brushing: Cats can learn to behave in a certain manner if they get the prize by the end of it. If they know that there will be a certain prize afterward, grooming them will be rather easy!However, make sure that you do not make them wait too long nor give in to their begging for more treats since cats are known to overeat.
  • Choose the right time of the day: Cats might not always prefer to be brushed or massaged during the day. Choosing the right time and finding a perfect sweet spot to do it could be beneficial in the longer run.Choosing the time when your cat is sleepy or lies down for you to continue brushing, you should start doing it slowly and remove any excess hair in a couple of long and slow swipes.
  • Make it enjoyable for the cat: Be sure that your cat will enjoy the type of teeth on a comb or pins on a silicone-based glove, as sometimes it can either be too ticklish or even painful, especially if your cat recently got hurt by falling or similar to that effect.Be mindful of their sensitive skin and don’t treat them badly. Although cats can act rough, their skin is rather gentle.
  • Start from their head and neck areas: Cats generally enjoy being brushed around the neck, cheek and head area. By starting to brush them there they will really enjoy the rest of the brushing process.Give them some time to adjust, though, especially if they are in the process of adjustment to the entire grooming scenario.
  • Use several brushes with different sizes: Having several brushes can help you to reach all brushing areas more easily. Having several types or sizes of brushes will help you out!Use smaller ones around the head area, and bigger ones for the rest of the cat’s body. Always start from the head and slowly move towards the tail. Cat’s body will more often than not follow your hand movement.
  • Avoid electrostatic brushes and combs: Use proper gear which will negate any electrostatic buildup. Any plastic comb is a bad idea by default. However, you can still use it if you wear proper safety gloves made of rubber.If you are still unsure, you could always use sorts of cat wipes which provide more humidity to the cat’s coat and thus reduce the amount of electrostatic buildup.
  • Different fur, different tools: Choosing proper tools for your cat’s fur should be your highest priority. Knowing this in advance should save you a lot of time.However, be mindful of whether tools are recommended for all types of fur or just a few specific ones instead.

Why grooming cats when they already do so themselves?

Cute cat lick and washing itself, cat grooming

Cats tend to clean themselves, but…

It is completely factual that cats have a natural need to groom themselves up by using their tongue.

Their tongue feels like sandpaper to human touch due to having a lot of smaller pin-like hooks on the upper side of it.

This tongue mechanism allows a lot of hair residue collecting easily. It also serves to spread saliva over the fur, protecting it from various oils. Mother cats are doing this for kittens.

You may notice how cats tend to dislike whenever there is a human touch on their fur.

Immediately after such action cats will start to lick that area of contact to decontaminate it.

Human touch can be gross to cats, adding any potential parasites, bacteria or oils that we as humans can transfer to them.

Cats simply do not like it. However, they do enjoy a quality grooming session which is all the more reason for you to do it!

Less hairballs in their digestive system

Cats tend to pick up a lot of hair whenever a hot season emerges. Most of that hair ends up in their digestive system which can cause serious problems.

Not only could they ingest a lot of bacteria and potential parasites, especially if they were outside or were in contact with humans or other pets who were.

But a lot of hair can simply remain in their stomach without ever being processed through the system!

This is why it is important to regularly keep your cat healthy and remove any residue hair from their body so that they may not accidentally end up curling huge balls of hair.

That can happen and they could potentially even choke themselves with it.

However, this does not prevent nor somehow makes your cat stop grooming herself as this is a biological need.

You will be doing your part as a responsible pet owner who helps out a cat with hair residue problems.

Grooming your cat every day could prolong the cat’s life substantially.

Less hair flying around in your home environment

Cats have a biological protection system in the form of hair. Most felines use it to regulate temperature.

However, when summer days emerge, all of that extra-long hair becomes obsolete and the cat will enter a state of change where longer hair will be replaced with a shorter one.

At this time, even a small cat could release a lot of hair which is so slick and slim that it can freely float in the air and spreading various bacteria, too!

This is why it is very dangerous to keep your cat in the kitchen or near unvaccinated children, or even their rooms.

Cats tend to release a lot of dander too next to their flying hair. So proper grooming is not only necessary to keep your cat’s health in check but also your own!

Although ingesting cat hair shouldn’t be much of an issue for your organism.

The real problem is a potential bacteria or even dead flea which had been contaminated with various worm eggs or larvae which is especially troublesome if you are a human child or even a pregnant woman.

This is why grooming your pet cat is mandatory to do, especially if your cat will spend some time indoors.

Keeping cat’s coat clean and shiny

If you care about your pet a lot, you want only the best for them, right?

But you also want to show to others that your pet can stand out by having a healthy coat and by being clean and shiny at all times.

This is possible as keeping their health in check, next to various use of vitamins and nutritional supplements.

With several grooming techniques, you could have a cat suitable for pet exhibit of sorts even!

Maintaining optimal hygiene

Although cats can be effective at grooming themselves for most of their daily lives, they can’t combat parasitic infestations that dwell on hair residue.

Cats need not only bathing but constant brushing, too. Especially if they tend to go out and hunt a lot during night time.

Cats are natural predators, it’s in their DNA. However, they still need a lot of care and maintenance to be optimally hygienic.

Most industry leaders suggest that at least 50% of hygiene comes from proper brushing of the cat’s fur coat.

That’s right, proper brushing and grooming decrease chances of getting issues like lack of appetite or even lethargy in cats!

To instigate their willingness to cooperate with grooming sessions, you can always use a ball or another toy that might take their attention away whilst you are preparing them.

If you have a problem with grooming parts of their body they are mostly protective about, such as genitalia and anus, try hiring a professional groomer as hair can become a real unsanitary menace to both you and your pet.

Massage time

Cats, like humans, extremely enjoy massages which helps them to relax all their muscles and share some quality bonding time with their owner.

This is why cat massages help out to keep your pet cat happy and satisfied.

If it feels good for them, they will gladly come to be groomed next to you and they will know that you are helping them out.

However, be careful of rubbing their belly as this area proves to be most sensitive to any feline and especially domestic cats.

If you notice that your cat’s ears are turned sideways or back, that is a sign that your cat does not enjoy what you are doing and it is only a matter of time before she will either attack you or run away.

This is why you should know where are your limits, even while you are grooming a cat.

You may notice whether a cat is more nervous by witnessing the tail movement.

If it is rather slow, cat’s playful, and if the tail is hitting the ground or widely goes left-right, cat’s rather nervous and any further interaction will increase nervousness and attacking pattern.

Your pet cat might even forget who you are and even attack you if you make her feel uncomfortable or insecure.

This is why massaging should be done gradually and built from an early age.

However, even older cats will enjoy a couple of brief massages and you should do it regardless of the risks of scratching or biting. If the cat strictly does not want, don’t push your luck.

Grooming helps with inspecting your cat’s health

Whenever you start grooming your cat, especially if it is an outdoor and playful one, grooming sessions could help you out to narrow down any potential dangers, such as ticks or flea infection.

This is also a good time to check if your cat’s overall health is at risk as it represents some quality time spent with your pet.

This is why grooming isn’t just combing hair or demitting fur coat. It is the time to check your pet’s overall health, at least what’s visually available to you.

Do not forget to check their ears and teeth, too, to try and notice any potential risks of illnesses.

If you suspect that cat might be infected by any disease or parasite, always use gloves to protect yourself.

Even a cat’s scratch could leave you potentially infected with a parasite which they picked up somewhere if they played with another cat’s feces or dead carcasses of smaller animals such as birds or even some insects.

How we choose these products

Overall, choosing the best cat grooming brushes or combs comes down to personal preference.

We can safely say that we have covered most of the topics which require your attention, but the decision is ultimately yours.

However, you should know that for choosing the best cat grooming brushes available on the market we’ve done extensive research and involved in the practice firsthand.

We have researched reviews by people who bought all sorts of grooming brushes and compared the results.

But that’s not all! We’ve gathered opinions from professionals and industry leaders.

Among pet owner reviews, there were also a lot of professional opinions by industry leaders, companies that make brushes, veterinarians as well as pet groomers.

However, we also had a few criteria such as practicality, stability, longevity, price and overall popularity of the product on the web among pet owners.

Final Thoughts

These were some of the reasons why grooming cats is extremely important for both their and your health as well as the environment you live in and words of advice on how to properly groom your cat.

Aside from keeping proper pet hygiene, sometimes having a few extra tools to help out with grooming could be more beneficial in the long run.

And will surely, in combination with nutrition, provide your cat with an amazing shiny coat.

You can always leave us questions in the comments section and we will make sure to reply to you, or leave us your thoughts on how you like to brush your cat and what tools you use the most.

We hope that we’ve helped you could pick the best grooming tool for your needs.

Write to us – we love hearing from you!


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