How to Travel With a Pregnant Cat

how to travel with a pregnant cat

Traveling with cats can be very stressful and with plenty of barriers, you couldn’t even calculate in when you’ve planned your journey with them.

But when you have a pregnant cat and your travel can’t be delayed or just skipped, then you must know how to prepare your pregnant cat for that kind of entertainment.

Many cat owners are making mistakes when they are expecting that their pregnant cats need the same preparation for travel as any other adult cat.

There are many different methods and tricks you should know when the time comes for traveling with them. So, it would be beneficial to know what they like, what they appreciate, and what will make them happy and satisfied during the road trip.

As you probably already thought, each pregnant creature on this world needs special treatment, and it is the same thing with our pregnant cats.

They will always ask for more comfort, more energy intake, more quality sleeping, and generally more attention. And you need to be especially careful when your cat is in the last period of her pregnancy!

It is very important to know that the time period of the cat’s pregnancy isn’t long enough for extremely good travel preparation because the whole pregnancy period lasts for about two months.

But, at least, you can always train your cats for these days and these moments even when they are not pregnant.

Most common problems when traveling with pregnant cats

Many scientists and vets are sure about one thing – people actually shouldn’t take much care about the cat’s pregnancy. Our cats know what they should do when they are in that kind of situation.

It is completely normal that our cats can be totally different when they are pregnant. It is simple, they become more sensitive, usually need more energy while preparing for kittens, and so on.

There is a group of problems we need to fight against when traveling. For example, we need to purchase the perfect surrounding for their travel moments and that sometimes can be very complicated.

The first thing you should know about this specific problem is that our cats aren’t travel lovers, but we can easily prepare them for some road trips.

One of the worst things that can happen to our pregnant cats during the travels is stress. This awful thing can cause a lot of problems, and the worst thing about it is the premature birth.

This is a very serious problem that can cause those very bad things to happen. And now we are not talking about something our cats and their kittens can survive. So, no type of stress is good and you just need to overcome it.

There are many other unwanted effects we need to avoid, so we can say that preparation is everything we must do before the trip starts.

How to prepare your pregnant cat properly for any kind of traveling

Even if you are not one of those cat owners who just didn’t want to spay and neuter your cats, you should train your cats for travels on a regular basis. You always need to think about those days when we just must to take our cats with us on some journeys.

But if your cat suddenly gets pregnant and you know that some kind of traveling is waiting for you, then you have just a few days to start with a decent preparation.

This is not a myth, you really can train your cat for this kind of situation, and even if she is pregnant. Just try to teach her that your car isn’t the place where she needs to be scared and that she’ll be fine during and after the trip.

Feel free to drive her around your block, to the vet, the nearest store or somewhere in nature where she likes to spend her time.

Be careful about the food intake, because there are different time periods of cat’s pregnancy, and these time frames have different needs for food intake.

For example, the sixth week of pregnancy is the period when your cat needs a lot of food and it would be ridiculous to do anything that can harm her appetite.

So, no matter you must go somewhere with your pregnant cat or not in this period, she needs to be able to eat as much as she wants. And that means you’ll have all of those problems with cat’s food overtake during the trips!

1. Spend some time to introduce your pregnant cat to your vehicle

If your cat has never spent some time with you in your car you should take some time to let her get acquainted with the interior of your car.

This is a “two birds one stone” activity, even when she is pregnant, where you can use the time to get your cat into her carrier and drive around.

Short trips to the store, or just around the block could be just the thing you need to do so you will be well prepared for traveling with your cat.

Very powerful can be just to seat with your pregnant cat in a car. Think about some fun games and other activities your cat usually likes and stay calm with her there for a while.

You need to repeat this action every day and try to every next time spend more and more time with her over there. It would be great if you teach her to eat sometimes there, or just try to give her some treats she adores.

She can easily connect her pleasure moments with your vehicle and you will probably have less chance to fail while traveling with a pregnant cat.

It is that time again, you are about to be on the road for a vacation, or a business trip, or just visiting friends or family.

You are more than ready to pack up your stuff and get going, but you’ve encountered a small problem, your cat is pregnant and you do not know how to deal with it?

Don’t worry, we know how to help you overcome this problem. Your cat’s and her kittens’ health comes first and that is what we took into consideration when writing this.

As always, everything you want to do on your own can be a bit problematic.

It is normal that you have a lot of doubts about traveling with pregnant cats and that you’ve heard thousands of different ways to prepare your pregnant cat for travels, but it is not normal if you just don’t want to ask the vet about it.

So, there is no better way to ensure everything your pregnant cat needs than the visit to the vet! Bee free to ask him/her what you can use and how risky the journey can be for your pregnant cat.

If the wet says that your cat has any kind of issues with her pregnancy, don’t hesitate to delay your travel with the cat or just try to find another solution.

2. Quality feeding time for your pregnant cat

This is not another usual day for your cat and her precious kittens. She is no longer feeding just herself, she is getting those nutrients for her kittens as well. So turn your attention to the quality of the food you are feeding her during this period.

You want to balance the quantity and quality in such a way where you will feed her enough to get all the nutrients but not too much quantity so you don’t get the negative effects of overfeeding during the trip.

If that happens she might puke in the car, which won’t be bad only for her kittens but also for the whole trip, because that will smell up the car.

It is also important to know which week of the pregnancy it is. For example, during the 6th week or your cats’ pregnancy, she will try to eat a lot in order to build a large enough food storage.

Cats do this so that they would avoid the risk of their kittens not getting enough nutrients for development. After that, in the 7th 8th and 9th week of pregnancy that much food will not be necessary.

The best way to go about this is by feeding your cat about 4 hours before the trip and again avoid overfeeding.

It can be very hard to hit the right time for feeding your pregnant cat before the road trip starts, but first five weeks of her pregnancy she will need almost an identical quantity of food like a cat that isn’t pregnant.

3. Try to engage with a pregnant cat during the trip

Keep your cat calm by engaging with her during the trip by placing her carrier in a place where she can see you. This way you can communicate with her, talk her down or even an occasional look when the road allows it.

Safety first. She is now in a different condition, she is pregnant so not only is she going to be nervous on a normal level if this is something she isn’t used to. She will be worried about her, soon to come, kittens.

So you can talk to her during the trip so that she won’t get nervous.

4. Natural herb sedatives for pregnant cats while traveling

Yes, sedating your cat for travel can be really helpful for you and your pregnant cat while traveling.

There are some really effective herbs like catnip or chamomile you can give to her and your cat will be much calmer than usual. There are some other great herb sedatives and tranquilizers which can be mixed with your cat’s food or water.

But, you shouldn’t take any of these actions if you didn’t talk to your vet about it.

They are pregnant now and any kind of herb sedatives can damage something in your adult cat’s body. And, of course, neither future kittens aren’t 100 percent safe. So, safety must come first!

Avoid any medicaments your cat has never tried before, especially don’t be too relaxed about giving them to your pregnant cat! But if pregnant cat already has her therapy and needs to take her medicaments, feel free to continue with it.

As always, it is good to ask the vet about it, also.

5. Bring her the favorite toy

Even your cat is pregnant, she is still a cat that likes to play during the time when she’s awake. The fact you are traveling at the moment doesn’t mean she would like to skip her funny games and some quality entertainment.

Feel free to give her all the toys she likes to use when you are at her favorite place.

This is one of the best methods many cat owners use, and their opinion about the toys around her and in her carrier is very positive. So, just imagine that your whole journey with a pregnant cat can be relaxing indeed just because you have the toys she likes!

Many cats like to play games with soft, lightweight, and funny balls. Even you didn’t try to give her something like that until today, think about it. Get a nice ball of yarn for your pregnant cat and teach her to play with it a few days before your road trip starts.

If your cat likes it, then you are the cat owner master. If not, just give her some other proven toy!

6. Secure the visible place for your pregnant cat in a car

It would be great for you and your pregnant cat that she can look through the window without difficulties or barriers. It can be a bit tricky to ensure the spot like that one, but it can be really helpful.

Although our pregnant cats like to sleep over 16 hours daily, they want to look at the grass, trees, and bushes near the road rather than just a regular car seat! Count in that your cat is now pregnant and that she is more sensitive than usual.

You probably already know that cats have a sophisticated vision, so they will highly appreciate the chance to see what’s near the road.

Of course, stay assured your car windows are closed all the way up because if they are opened, our cats will have a desire to jump out of the car! You can open your windows only if you are sure that the cat’s carrier is closed and safe.

7. Pit stops are welcomed!

For the extraordinary mood of your cat, you’ll need extraordinary scheduling.

Plan your trip well several weeks or months before the travel starts. You need to know that our pregnant cats are usually more tired and exhausted while traveling than to our cats who aren’t pregnant.

If you are traveling by car, you can adjust your pit stops every hour. Fresh air, fresh water, some treats, or maybe food is something your cat just can’t wait after several hours of driving.

But, as always, you need to be very careful when feeding them. Especially if your cat is in 6th or 7th week of her pregnancy period. They need more food in this frame than usual. Of course, even then you need to watch out how much they will eat.

Overfeeding can be really bad for them, but they shouldn’t be hungry at all.

8. Have toiletries around your pregnant cat

Bathroom breaks are something you just need to think about. It is good to know that your cat doesn’t need to pee.

But we must be ready for the fact that our cats are sometimes too upset because of traveling and that they can’t be good with it until our next bathroom break.

So, it would be great to pack a lot of toiletries, which can save you from unexpected smells from the cat’s carrier or a bag.

When our cats are pregnant, they need to pee more often. So, have in mind that fact while traveling with them.

Another crucial fact is to keep the toiletries always near you and your pregnant cat. Many cat owners found themselves in a problematic situation when they pack them somewhere in the trunk. So keep it next to you, just in case!


One of the most important things to keep in mind when traveling with pregnant cats is definitely comfort.

Our pregnant cats need to be satisfied and there is no better way to make them happy then to ensure them a comfortable surrounding with many toys and their other favorite accessories.

As always, there are a few things to take care of before you start your road trip with pregnant cats.

It is true, the preparation can be slightly hard and your pregnant cat doesn’t have so much time for it, but the reward is very valuable – you will have a happy pregnant cat in your car when facing the road trip issues!

If you are unsettled before traveling like your pregnant cat, and you don’t even think to leave her somewhere else while traveling, then stay free to follow our advice, tips, and methods and you’ll be fine, we promise!

These steps and recommendations are very useful and they are based on the cat owners’ experiences. If you don’t trust your colleagues, then you just don’t need to travel with pregnant cats!

Cats aren’t travelhollics, but we can get them used to it! Do you have any experience with traveling with pregnant cats? Have you already done some of the things we wrote about?

If yes, what are your experiences and how did you handle your first trip with a pregnant cat?

Like always we welcome your comments and suggestions and hope to hear from you with your stories!



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